As with all decades, the 1990s aesthetic took inspiration from the decades before it and changed as the years went on. The key to picking the right color scheme is identifying which ‘90s aesthetic it is you want to highlight, whether that be bright colors or a neutral color that also shaped the decade.

Whether you want to go all-out or simply add some ‘90s touches here and there, the decor is really where you can make your ‘90s-themed wedding pop.

Create a ‘90s-themed photo wall, complete with colorful graffiti and ‘90s-inspired terms. Add photo booth props such as Game Boys, Bop Its, or any of the other iconic toys that every ‘90s kid needed to have.

Create light-up flower boxes for arrangements out of cassette tapes and battery-powered twinkle lights with a little craft glue. 

DIY or buy a balloon arch for the entrance of your venue that uses ‘90s colors to welcome your guests in as they travel back in time. 

Want to go above and beyond and really embrace the theme? Use actual cassettes to create a mixtape with your wedding playlist, then add invitation details printed on the notes that come inside. 

Add lyrics from your favorite ’90s jam like the example below, which includes a boom box and the words “it takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it outta sight.”

You have lots of options for both formal and informal wear at a ’90s-themed wedding. Whether you want to wear the traditional white wedding dress and pair it with a ’90s accessory like a jean jacket or go with a neon-inspired look, there are tons of ways to tie in this theme. 

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