Best places for honeymoon 2023

Bergheim, Alsace, France

A commune fortified with gorgeous towers and walls in North-Eastern France, Bergheim has endured a rough past but now presents honeymooners with a unique destination.

best honeymoon destinations Bergheim

What to do. Enter through the arch doorway and become enveloped by 14th Century homes, cobblestone streets, and a staple of the Alsace wine tour. Explore the forests and hills during your downtime, and make sure to invest in a visit to various historic castles.

For whom. Bergheim is for honeymooners who want to celebrate their wedding surrounded by the beauty of another time.

Best time to visit. Winter months are near the freezing point, so we recommend a summer visit for your honeymoon destination. Or, plan a trip in late September through early October to experience Alsace during harvest season.

Cave Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is Portugal’s most popular honeymoon tourist destination and is known for gorgeous summers, picture-perfect coastlines, and relax-all-day beaches.

best honeymoon destination Algarve

What to do. Book a boat tour to visit this and other of Europe’s most visited caves. You’re likely to encounter a few dolphins along the way, and you’ll have your chance to swim in the caves or get a grand perspective from the skylights above. The Bengali caves top the list of must-see experiences.

For whom. The Algarve caves are for couples that are mystified by the beauty of the world if you pay close enough attention.

Best time to visit. It’s likely that you’ll want to get in the water during your tour. Visit the caves when the summer when the seas are at their calmest.

Tahiti, Polynesia

Tahiti’s hidden interiors lush with winding rivers and waterfalls, volcanic mountain peaks, and pristine beaches offer honeymooners non-stop wonder. It’s also the only place on Earth where you can find the rare black pearl.

best honeymoon destinations tahiti

What to do. Soak in Polynesian culture by taking in dance. This display of passion and vitality incorporates all aspects of island life. Fresh market food is available for DIY meals or you can indulge in French-inspired cuisine.

For whom. Tahiti is for couples that picture sunsets when they close their eyes and don’t feel the need to wear a watch during their vacation.

Best time to visit. Visit Tahiti during the winter months when the weather is warm by humidity is at its lowest.

Stockholm, Sweden

14 islands connected by 50 bridges connect gorgeous cobblestone streets and ochre-colored buildings, which makes for an ideal setting for any honeymoon destination.

best honeymoon destinations Stockholm

What to do. After your visit to the Cathedral, Royal Palace, and the Nobel Prize museum, book a sightseeing boat to soak in all that Stockholm has to offer.

For whom. Stockholm is the honeymoon destination for couples that want to experience something new. Sweden’s capital is enthusiastically experimental and is always finding new ways to make absolutely everyone feel welcome.

Best time to visit. You’ll want to cram as much entertainment into each day as humanly possible. July offers the hottest temperatures and the most hours of daylight.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has a little bit of everything to offer newlywed tourists. Historical cultural events, internationally inspired art, and architecture, great food, and water tours through the bisecting Danube River are only a handful of options you can enjoy.

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