The Ran-Deep wedding , the wedding of the year…

So the much-awaited wedding is here!

So, people, we know that you all are equally excited as Ranveer and Deepika for their wedding. And here are a few of the latest news about the wedding. The fans are of course going crazy to know any of the news about the wedding and sneak pictures as well.


Where the wedding is going to be conducted?

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Isha Ambani’s engagement with Anand Piramal ….

When the stars align! Expect nothing less than phenomenal when the daughter of the richest man in the country is engaged to the chairman in line of Piramal group. Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal got engaged at Lake Como in Italy. And nothing that you can imagine did not take place at this ceremony in terms of luxury. When it comes to making sure that the people of the world are paying attention, Ambani group chairman Mukesh Ambani has never been behind. And it was something similar at this mega level event. From Hollywood celebrities to Bollywood biggies, everyone who is worth mentioning was there at the event. A fairytale affair: From the very beginning the even was synonymous with luxury. From guests being flown in first class to celebrated performances by notable artists, it had it all. Lake Como, Italy is one of the most expensive wedding destinations that one can afford to book.

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Tricks for choosing the right wedding decor

3 Tricks to Choose the Perfect Theme Decoration for Wedding


Wedding is always a warm, pleasant experience for most of the people. But the warmth and pleasantness get extracted when you have to plan and pay for it. Moreover, when people have carious choices to make such as flower arrangements, theme or colors, they get confused and make big mistakes which result in a dull wedding night. That’s when wedding planners in Kolkata like Wedding Sutra come handy with their years of reputation and experience of handling all the mentioned aspects. Now, being the decision maker, there’re a few aspects which you need to decide in decoration for wedding. Consider the Season Way before planning the wedding decoration and jump into the main decoration part, you have to take decision regarding which time you are going to get married. The season and time would play a pivotal role since all your decoration decision will depend on it. You don’t want to let your visitors leave the wedding venue with an unpleasant taste and that’s why picking up a suitable time is always necessary.

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Top indian wedding decoration themes to make you wedding grand

Top Indian Wedding Decoration Themes to Make Your Wedding Grand


A regular wedding seems boring and easy-to-forget. And being the bride or groom or their relatives, you don’t want that. Marriage is a timeless celebration and you want your wedding night to be remembered by all. That’s fine. If you stay in Kolkata or any part of India, we, being the proficient wedding planners in Kolkata, are here with 4 authentic Indian wedding themes which will add flavors to your grand day.

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Wedding Planners in kolkata

Wedding Planners in Kolkata vs DIY – Know the Difference 


Weddings are always special for each and every individual. Lots of dreams, aspirations, and emotions are attached to the particular ceremony. In India, most of the weddings are traditional and a big reason for celebration. Thus, making the wedding grand always remains to be important. So, the primary consideration should be the wedding planners in Kolkata if you are opting for a grand wedding in the city of joy. Decoration for wedding is a delicate subject and only the proficient wedding planners can perform the task with ease. If you’re thinking to do it yourself, below are the points you need to recheck.

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Importance of Decoration for Wedding and What to Consider in Your Wedding Decoration





Everybody loves a fairy-tale wedding. And what makes a wedding fairy-tale? The decoration for wedding and decorators for wedding are the reason an average wedding becomes out of the box. Whether it’s a beach wedding, tropical wedding, or ballroom wedding, decoration is a must-have. So, let’s see the importance of wedding decoration.

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How to Choose the Best Decorators for Wedding –


Are going to get married? Lots of butterflies are flying in your stomach, isn’t it? You’re excited and ambitious about the biggest day of your life. But one thing that you need to make sure is a great planning for your wedding and that’s where decoration for wedding comes handy. The first step you need to take is hiring the best wedding planners in Kolkata and ask them for a creative wedding decoration. However, in that quest, you may find yourself lost as there’re thousands of decorators for wedding present at the moment and all of them promise to provide the best service.

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Wedding flower decoration – everything you need to know –

Wedding Flower Decoration – Everything You Need to Know

They say, if you don’t love flowers, you’re not human. It seems quite true considering the divinity and fragrance of the flowers. Thus, decoration for wedding seems to be incomplete without the inclusion of flowers in it. That’s why wedding flower décor has become a common trend in the weddings.

Marriage is a holy bond between two individuals and you have to make it special by including something that represents the holiness. Flowers are the perfect source of divinity and magnificence that can turn your wedding decoration into a whole new enthusiastic avatar.

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Unique decoration for weddings –

Wedding Trees for Traditional yet Unique Decoration for Wedding

One of the most obvious and important decision a would-be bride or groom need to take is to decorate their wedding. Everybody wants his/her wedding to be the unique one but often it doesn’t end up so unique. Some also look for the tradition in the decoration but that too often stays unachieved. This is the reason you need the wedding planners in Kolkata to take care of the decoration for wedding. Unless, you’re skipping putting a little money on your wedding decoration, here are the tricks which can add a divine flavor into your marriage.
Wedding Trees – Traditional but Unique Decoration for Wedding

This is one of the most unique and traditional wedding decoration ideas only the best decorators for wedding can offer such as Wedding Sutra.

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