Flowers used for Indian weddings

Indian weddings are never complete without flowers. Indians have flowers in every aspect of the wedding. The decoration, the outfits, the hairstyles, and, you also can’t forget the fragrances. It is pretty impossible to avoid flowers at an Indian wedding. The amazing thing about it is that flowers in an Indian wedding can be traditional or contemporary.The Best Flowers for Your Indian Wedding It is just the way Indians use them that makes a difference here. Indian flowers are especially dear to weddings because they aren’t just mere decorations but also traditions that have been passed down the generations. So, which are these Indian flowers without which our weddings could never be complete?”Flowers are without a doubt an integral part of weddings. They are a tradition as well as decoration. And what better flowers to decorate an Indian wedding with, other than Indian flowers.

1. Hibiscus

Though hibiscus was not always a very popular wedding flower, it is starting to be seen now as one that is. This Indian flower comes in various different colors and looks gorgeous when it beautifully blooms open. It has started to crop up in Indian wedding scenes all around the world. It is used in wedding decorations or even as a part of a bouquet sometimes.

2. Jasmine

Jasmine or Mogra is one of those Indian flowers which you see being used almost daily. Mogra is very famous for being used to decorate one’s hair. These small white flowers are very strong scented and are even used as perfumes. These are perfect flowers for weddings and are likely to crop up in one way or the other.

3. Sunflower

This cheerful-looking yellow flower will brighten up your wedding like no other. Sunflowers can make excellent backgrounds and even amazing table decorations. The bright yellow goes wonderfully with most colors and can be a part of a colorful background.

4. Periwinkle

Periwinkles are one of the most overlooked Indian flowers. Though these small flowers are not used much individually in combination with other flora aspects, these flowers can make breathtaking decorations. You can find it in white color or ranging colors of pink, and it can be combined with similar colors for it to achieve its full effect.

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