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Wedding Flower Decorator in Kolkata

Wedding has to be a grand one, at wedding sutra the aim of planning a wedding is to make it grand in the given budget of the client.the key mantra to given a wedding a grand look is by choosing a good wedding flower decorator with great knowledge of color combination contrasted with use of flowers .

           Wedding sutra as a wedding flower decorator uses more of pastel colors, as most of the time in Indian wedding brides do wear red color sarees , so when décor is done in pastels the bride gets highlighted . Colors matter a lot to make a wedding grand , at wedding sutra we believe to see object through the pin hole of the camera , because camera always give an honest opinion . The mantra to a grand look is the use of fresh flowers and the artistic sense the wedding flower decorator has to make sure he weave a perfect dream for the couple.

                                                      In Kolkata, wedding flower decorator in huge demand as we use lots of fresh flowers. at wedding sutra we use 100% fresh flowers as fresh flowers give a grand feeling . At wedding sutra our first preference of flowers is from all across India, weather it Bangalore ,Bengal which are major producers of flowers and then from the other countries , we believe in bloom in India . We at wedding sutra , give liberty to clients to choose from design that we choose or they can also research online and present us with designs , we are ready to incorporate the design as per the client as we believe client is god .

                                                  We make use of Indian products starting from the sponge to the flowers as we believe in promoting Swadeshi goods, this is the Inititave by Raj Jaiswal , the director at wedding sutra which believes in promoting Indian made stuff . We also take care of car decoration as in bridegroom car flower decoration and first night flower room decoration . The first night room decoration is done in a elaborate manner as its a important nite with fresh flowers which bloom with fragnance , with candle arrangements and aroma to sooth the mood .. we at wedding sutra plan first night room decoration as a heavenly decoration keeping in mind the love and the relation beyond .. 

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