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Wedding Flower Decorator in Kolkata

What To Look For In Your Wedding Flower Decorator


Indian Weddings are a celebration of life in true sense. They are not only about loved ones coming together but also bringing to the fore things that make our life beautiful and give us a reason to smile. Flowers are one such integral part of Indian Weddings. In all shapes and sizes flowers reflect the happiness in our heart when two loving hearts come together. If you are looking for a wedding flower decorator for your wedding, these are some tips to consider while evaluating your options.

Finding a Wedding Flower Decorator For Your Wedding

Wedding Flower Decoration Theme

Traditional/ bohemian /contemporary – Whatever theme your might be considering for your wedding, weddings are incomplete without flowers. But before you get tot the point of meeting a potential  wedding flower decorator, you need to do your homework and figure what is the wedding theme that you are aiming for at your wedding. If you are using the services of a wedding planner, then you should be provided with options of flowers that would go with different themes. When you approach a wedding flower decorator with some idea of what you want it is easier to make a decision.

Ask For Work Samples and Pictures

Photographs and a portfolio are essential while evaluating a wedding flower decorator. Have a look at samples of previous works by the wedding flower decorator that you are meeting. See if the skill and art of the team that you are meeting matches your expectations and work standards. Look for flower arrangements, the flowers used and the different themes worked upon.

The Flowers To Be Used

The kind of flowers that you want to use will depend on the theme of your wedding. If yu are going for an Rajasthani Traditional themed wedding you will need to use a lot of bright colors in your flower arrangements too. While if you are going for a contemporary wedding, a mix of pastel colored flowers might do the magic for you. Then there is the question of what flowers does the wedding flower decorator deal in. Find out whether they are procuring locally available flowers only or do they also import flowers. It will just add to the exclusivity of the decorations.

Use Of Flowers To Suit your Wedding Theme

Flowers might not be used only as arrangements at the entrance, or on the reception stage or wedding mandap at wedding venue. Some wedding flower decorators use flowers in very innovative ways such as offering a Taira to all women wedding guests, or having an exclusively designed floral photo booth. Some wedding hosts want to go a step ahead with their hospitality with exclusive flower arrangements on every dinner table to sooth the eyes of the guests. So do not just stop at the conventional idea of use of flowers at your wedding. Explore. The more you explore, the more you will figure that there is so much more.

Turn Around Time

This is most important factor while deciding on a wedding flower decorator for your wedding. If you are aiming at exclusivity and want to use the choicest of flowers for your wedding, then you need to finalise a wedding flower decorator well in advance for your wedding. This gives the decorator enough time in hand to make the arrangements and procure enough and appropriate flowers that will make for some memorable wedding flower decorations at your wedding.  The ideal time to set the stone rolling would be atleast 4-5 months in advance. But incase the wedding has been planned on a shorter notice, book your wedding flower decorator as soon as you have booked your wedding venue.

We at Wedding Sutra have a penchant for unique flower arrangements at your dream wedding. We work with some of the most professional wedding flower decorators in and around the City Of Joy who have the skill and ability to add that magic to your wedding just by using the right kind of floral arrangements.

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