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Wedding Organiser in Kolkata

You have made your venue bookings well in advance for your D-Day. But as your wedding day approaches you are having a tough time keeping up with managing a dozen full of vendors amidst your personal boutique appointments. You fear you might have a break down. Well, worry not, get a wedding organizer on board and hand over the charge of vendor management to the efficient shoulders of a wedding organizer. (To know more about Wedding Sutras – a boutique wedding organizer in Kolkata click here)


How Can A Wedding Organizer Help You


A wedding organizer / co-ordinator is likely to focus more on the logistical aspect of your wedding. She is a one point contact for all updates from different fronts that relate to your wedding. She will come into picture closure to the wedding date and play an all encompassing role to make sure that everything happens as per plans and on time.

The duties/ responsibilities of a Wedding Organizer include –

  • To co-ordinate with different vendors for updates
  • To make sure that vendors deliver their products/services as per agreed terms and conditions
  • To manage the guest list and make sure that invites are sent out on time
  • Creates a floor plan for the wedding functions
  • Makes sure that wedding events are going as per plan and as per the required quality

Why To Hire A Wedding Organiser

Well, a wedding organizer has a limited scope vis-a-viz a wedding planner in terms of the liberty to show creativity on various matters related to your wedding.

So you should consider hiring a wedding organizer when –

  • You want to keep the decision making on creative aspects to yourself.
  • Want a person/team to take care of the co-ordination activities.
  • You have a limited budget and can’t really spend on a wedding planner, yet want to keep away from the hassle of unending supervision and management relating to your wedding.
  • You are extremely work-list oriented and need a person to manage your check-lists

Whom To Hire As A Wedding Organiser

A few key points to keep in mind when hiring a wedding organizer –

Availability and Cost

A wedding organizer will ideally charge you much less than a wedding planner based on the time span for which her services are required. You must check if the person offering to be your wedding organizer will be available in town till the date of your wedding. For eg. If you were to have a wedding in Kolkata, you must prefer a local wedding organizer in Kolkata who assures me that she will be in town and be available on a call’s notice to look into any urgent matters.

Locally Acquainted

A lot of logistics in a wedding includes meeting and inspecting local vendors for their preparations and delivery. Make sure to hire a wedding organizer who is well versed with the local language and knows the vendor destinations and localities. Picking up from the previous example – A wedding organizer in Kolkata is expected to be comfortable interacting in Bengali and must know very well the areas and addresses of the vendors working on wedding invites. She must be well acquainted with the locality of the wholesale florist market too. This will help save a lot of time and also money.

Have a Lot of Common Sense

A wedding planner may not be expected to give in their inputs on designs or tak independent calls on changes in the given plan. Yet, she must have that innate intelligence to figure out obvious anomalies in the plan and execution and point them out well ahead of time. This can help save monetary losses as well as any potential inconvenience / embarrassment in front of wedding guests.

Wedding Sutras over the last decade have worked hard and built a reputation of efficiency and esteem as a preferred wedding organizer in Kolkata. Their USP also lies in providing boutique services that include bride shopping, hampers for return favors, preparing and co-ordinating for wedding collaterals etc.

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