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How To Evaluate A Wedding Planner For your Wedding


Weddings in India have always been much more than coming together of two people and two families. And with nuclear families on the rise with all members of the family working with busy schedules, preparing and planning for a wedding can get overwhelming. One can easily get lost in the deluge of the unending tasks to be completed which include arrangements right from deciding the venue and menu to finalizing the decorations, managing the invites and much more. It is at such confusion induced circumstances that a wedding planner comes to your rescue.

It is a tedious task to manage a wedding end to end. A wedding planner pitches in as one who takes up a huge chunk of your burden and lets you enjoy your wedding to the fullest. But then to chose and appoint a wedding planner in itself is a significant task. You are putting all your trust and money on somebody who will be responsible for making your D-Day a memorable one for you. So here are a few tips on how to evaluate a wedding planner.


Things To Consider When Evaluating A Wedding Planner


The First Impression

One really needs to seek that first meeting with a potential wedding planner and find out what she has to offer on the table. Among the various services that she may have to present to you, you could pick specific services or consider availing an end-to-end package. The first meeting will give you an idea of the experience and skill of a wedding planner.

References and Past Assignments

A wedding planner has her own style and specialized services. Atleast this is what their portfolio will say. But these can be verified by asking for relevant references from their past experiences. Look for feedback from past customers, themes used – if they are to your taste and liking, vendors used, budgets that have been worked on etc.

A feedback on these aspects will help you find a right fit with your own expectations from your wedding planner.

A Dynamic Wedding Planner Team

No person can conquer a fort all alone. Definitely not a fort as complex and significant as a perfect wedding. You ought to have a clear understanding of the team of the wedding planner under scanner.

  • Does she have an inhouse team for every aspect of wedding?
  • How well spoken and skilled are the team members?
  • Are the team members adept enough to handle the pressure that ensues a wedding?

These are the primary questions that you should look answers for while evaluating a wedding planner’s team.

The Budget And Packages

This aspect is of utmost importance while considering a wedding planner. Various wedding planners cater to different sections of customers. Some are focused and known for their thematic decorations, others specialize in destination weddings, while some focus only on luxury weddings. You ought to have a clear understanding of how a particular wedding planner will fit in with your requirements and also burn a hole in your pocket that you can actually afford.

Communication Management and Response Time

THIS is the most significant aspect of appointing a wedding planner. You want a wedding planner because you wish to do away with the labor of making endless calls to endless list of vendors and get updates on what’s where and when. Thus it is of utmost importance that you figure out how efficient a communication system does the wedding planner work on.  There should be a clear format and way to communicate the updates with you.

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