Here’s how you can take good wedding pictures.

Take your time to recce the venue

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From the time your client reaches out to you, start your personal research on their intended venue. Find out if you can use the outdoor space at the venue for a post-wedding shoot with the couple. Check Google to get the details about the location, the environment, the climatic conditions, etc. Visit the venue at least once before the wedding day. Scout the venue and list down the potential shots you would like to take, the various spots available to take them, how the lighting changes during the day and night, the electrical back up and capability of the venue.

Check your gear twice before heading to the event

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You wouldn’t want to take a chance with your photography gear on the wedding day. Hence, make sure that all your cameras and lenses are working perfectly before you start your journey to the venue. Have the lenses cleaned the previous day, ensure you are carrying enough number of memory cards, additional lighting, weatherproof gear in case it rains, and a comfortable bag to carry your gear. Also, remember to pack all the essential accessories you need for the shoot at least two days prior to the event.

Always prefer to have an assistant photographer

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Weddings, especially Indian weddings are a carnival of colours where a lot of things happen simultaneously. Capturing every detail would be challenging for you if you are covering the whole event all alone. Hence we suggest you get an assistant photographer with you. He or she can focus on many other parts of a wedding while you capture the main events.

Know the couple well

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Remember, you are not just capturing random moments of a couple on their wedding day. You are narrating their story; the story of their love, hopes, etc. Mingle with the couple and their family and find what is unique in their story. Also, try to get an idea what the couple is looking forward to seeing in their wedding album. If they have a checklist of what all photos they need, go through it and memorize them. A wedding photography shot list will make your job easier. We suggest spending time with the couple in an informal setting prior to the event to really get to know them.

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