How do we have a private last wedding dance?

Choose a song that means something special to you both. It could be a song that you danced to on your first date, or one that you both love and have a special connection to.

Let your DJ or band – as well as your wedding planner – know that you want to have a private last dance, and make sure they’re aware of the song you’ve chosen. You should do this during the planning process and remind them of your plans on your wedding day.

When it’s time for the last dance, have your DJ or band announce that you’ll be having a private last dance. You can either go out on the dance floor alone, or ask your guests to clear the floor so you can have it all to yourselves.

Take to the dance floor and enjoy your private moment together. It’s a chance to connect and be present with each other, which you’ll both treasure forever. 

As seen in this Terracotta Boho Wedding
So long, something blue. Hues of terracotta, copper and burnt sienna will be frequent guests at weddings this year according to Pinterest. Whether it’s your bridal party attire or floral arrangements, think orange.
The search for a burnt orange wedding theme has increased on Pinterest over 695% with terracotta bridesmaid dresses and orange wedding centerpieces also growing in popularity. This probably explains why this terracotta wedding was the most popular wedding of 2023 on GWS!

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