How to add spark to an arranged marriage!

1.Share your secrets with each other

A lot of people detest being vulnerable and avoid instances where they would have to open up to their partner. However, sharing your secrets with someone is an excellent way to build trust, as it gives you the opportunity to trust them. Your spouse may in turn bear their soul to you, which is an essential step on the path to love.

2.Plan to court her outside your home environment

Your relationship within your marital home may be invariably monitored by your parents and grandparents. Hence, it is unrealistic to expect love to bloom at this time. Plan to see your spouse outside of your residence. This could be at a café, a theme park, a movie theatre or even at a friend’s home. Use this time to perceive the little things, like what your partner likes to do when she’s not working, the kind of food they order for themselves, their shopping preferences, etc.

3.Indulge in romantic games or DIY activities

While going on dates is always fun, you can always ignite romance at home by play fun games like romantic scrabble. You may also indulge in DIY activities together or small tasks around the house that are a mutual project. These shall help you bond and come to care for each other on a deeper level.

While building your bond of love, remember to thank each other for every small kindness. You must also apologise quickly if you feel like you have wronged your partner, as humility and compassion are great building blocks for love.

Be an individual

Just because you’re in an arranged marital relationship with your other half, there is no need to let your individuality go. You are still the same person you were before you got married or engaged. There is no regulation that states that you need to spend all of your time pleasing your partner. Continue to go out with your friends and follow your passions and hobbies even after your marriage. If your spouse wants in on it, all the more fun, but if you feel you need the space and time away from the relationship to pursue your own interests, then let them know politely and you’ll be surprised he easily they’ll understand. That way, they’ll be comfortable pursuing their own interests without feeling uneasy.

Fall in love, eventually

Love is a vital element that’ll help both of you conquer hurdles. If love at first sight hasn’t happened, don’t worry. It may take time, but you will grow to love each other. Even if you’re in love already, don’t expect your partner to instantly reciprocate the feelings. Give him/her time and work on how you can earn his/her love. Be patient and don’t get frustrated every time your partner says or does something off beam. According to a study titled How Love Emerges in Arranged Marriages by American psychologist Dr Robert Epstein, within 10 years, the connection felt by those in an arranged marriage setup is said to be almost twice as strong as compared to love marriages. Epstein discovered that the one key to a strong arranged marriage is the amount of parental involvement. This gives you another motivation to always be on good terms with the in-laws!

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