For all those couples out there excited about their big day but wishing to keep things easy and minimalistic, a simple wedding can be exactly what you’ve dreamed of. Regardless of your theming or execution, your wedding day is one that’ll go down in history. You don’t need all the bells and whistles or pomp and circumstance if you’re truly wishing to keep your ceremony and reception simple by focusing on the love.

  1. HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER- For an easy wedding planning experience, it’s best to hire a wedding planner. Wedding planners have the experience, knowledge, and connections in the wedding planning realm to make your simple wedding dreams come true.
  2. CONSIDER A MICRO WEDDING – MICRO WEDDINGS are increasing in popularity and are the perfect alternative to a large ceremony. Instead of having a lengthy guest list, keep your wedding planning simple by only inviting your nearest and dearest. 
  3. STICK TO BASIC- You don’t have to make your planning and preparations complex and difficult. Instead, stick to the basics by understanding the necessities that you absolutely must have at your wedding. This includes a simple site for the ceremony, a simple reception venue, some seating arrangements, and some food. 
  4. HAVE YOUR CEREMONY AND RECEPTION AT THE SAME PLACE- Embrace a simple wedding by having everything happen in one convenient location. Forget about coordinating transportation from the ceremony to the reception. Instead, find your ideal venue where both events can take place. 
  5. STICK TO A CERTAIN COLOR PALLETE – Sometimes the simplicity of designs and decor can be even more dazzling than the more elaborate alternatives. If this is your belief as well, try to stick to one color for the perfect simple wedding cake. 

To keep your wedding attire simple yet glamorous, consider the ways that a subtle lace design can enhance your look. Lace is delicate, dainty, and elegant. It’s the perfect addition to a dazzling style. A silk wedding gown is a popular choice for a reason. Silk dresses bring along a classic yet elegant aesthetic, perfect for the wedding of your dreams.

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