There’s nothing worse than a scripted marriage proposal. As clichéd as this is going to sound, speak from your heart – even if you are a man of few words, dig deep to find the words that convey what she means to you. This is marriage after all! If there was ever a time to say something meaningful and melt her heart, THIS IS IT! When talking to her, make eye contact and hold her hands in yours. I don’t care if your palms get sweaty when you’re nervous, and trust me, neither will she. Revisit how you first met and how she made you feel.

A lot of tradition is based on old outdated values. Kneeling when proposing is one such tradition based on old lore. Are you much of a medieval romantic? Do you think it is important to her? Base your decision on the latter. We’ve had guys kneel and not kneel with 100% success rate. If you do decide that you wish to get down on one knee, do so with the left knee. With this, you can hold the ring in your right hand.

1. Pick a suitable engagement ring

2. Pick the proposal place

3. Pick a suitable time

4. Tell her parents of your intentions

The above mentioned are your must check list before you propose.

When it’s time – it’s time!

You can choose to kneel. Or not. Some guys plan to kneel but in the heat of the moment, forget to. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter – she won’t notice.

Take the ring from its box (you want to be holding out the ring, not the open box).

Take a deep breath, make eye contact, and just do it. This is the moment you have been building up towards. You’ve got this mate.

Tell her how she makes you feel and promise all the sweet things she deserves.

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