Insight to a Kolkata based wedding planner

In Kolkata, Wedding planners do a lot of work to make sure everything at the wedding is great.First, they help pick the best place for the wedding. It could be a fancy hotel, a beautiful garden, or even a historic palace. They pick a place that fits what the couple wants.Then, they make the place look beautiful. They put up nice decorations like flowers, Kolkata based wedding planner- Wedding Sutra founded by Raj Jaiswal specialises in fresh flower arrangements, lights, and fancy things on the tables. They want everything to look special and pretty.Food is a big part of weddings, so the planners help with that too. Kolkata based wedding had to be a foodie’s dream weddings with plenty of sweets such as roshogolla at the servings. They work with cooks to make yummy food that everyone will like. They make sure there’s enough food for everyone.The planners also help the couple with other stuff, like making lists of who is coming and making sure everyone knows what to do in short they keep everything organized. They’re like helpers who make sure everything goes smoothly.On the wedding day, the planners are really busy. They make sure everything happens at the right time. They help the bride and groom feel happy and relaxed.In the end, the wedding planners in Kolkata do a lot to make big weddings awesome. They make sure everything looks great, tastes great, and goes smoothly. They’re like magic-makers who help couples have the best day ever.

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