People have hit you with questions about your wedding? Or you yourself are filled with questions about preparations and arrangements for your wedding? Well this article is for you then, this article has got you covered with all the answers to your queries and will be your perfect guide.

  1. Are you sure about your partner?

Well, this is something you need to figure out for yourself if you are in a relationship with your partner for years and have always figured out a way to get through your conflicts, and if you don’t mind waking up next to their face everyday then they are the one for you ?

  • Are you sure about the marriage?

Loving someone and getting married to them are two completely different things, marriage comes with responsibilities so ask yourself if you are sure about getting married and starting a new life or not.

  • Do you both share the same views on children?

Having kids is something you both need to decide before getting married you might not want to have kids but your partner on the other hand might, so deciding beforehand on kids is a better option than to have a late realization of it.

  • Are you both financially stable?

Being financially stable is something you must be before getting married, so that god forbid something happens to you or your partner, any argument or any medical issues, you must be able to support them financially.

5. What’s your budget?

Say it louder for the people in the back: How much you’re spending on your wedding is no one’s business. If someone has the audacity to ask about your wedding budget or anything pricing related, tell them: “I’m really not comfortable talking about our budget, sorry.” 

6. What are you wearing?

Whether you’re donning a wedding dress, jumpsuit, tux, suit, or other attire, your guests are going to want to sneak a peek before the big day. Don’t feel forced to show anyone your attire in advance and you can simply say (with a smile): “It’s a surprise!”

7. Will there be an open bar?

You might think is an annoying wedding question, but it actually makes a lot of sense guests want to know if they’ll need to have cash on hand! We do recommend having an open bar if at all possible even if that means limited the drink selection to stay within budget. 

8. What safety precautions will you be taking at your wedding?

If you are getting married now, you’ll likely get this question a lot, so be prepared to answer it. Including a COVID-related FAQ section on your wedding website is a good idea, so your guests can find all the answers to their safety-related questions in one place. And we do recommend sending your loved ones an email or letter before your wedding day so they know exactly how things will look and the precautions you’re taking.  

9. Who’s in the wedding party?

This can be another tricky question, particularly if the person asking was not selected to be among your bridesmaids, groomsmen, bridesmen , grooms ladies, etc. You can say something similar to the above, such as “We’ve decided to have a small bridal party, as our wedding budget is super tight right now.”

10. When’s the wedding day?

Pretty much the minute you announce your engagement, you’re going to start hearing this wedding planning question. If you’re not ready to answer, you can simply say: “We’re just enjoying our engagement right now, but when we have something to announce you’ll be the first to know!” You can also give a general season or year if you don’t have a set wedding date yet. 

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