Red- Colour of Indian weddings!

Every religion has its own customs and beliefs related to marriage. Colour is generally important in weddings and different religions have different prominent colours in weddings. A bride in England wears a white dress as white is a symbol of purity and red is considered the colour of evil. On the other hand, brides in India usually wear red according to the Hindu beliefs.

Along with this, customs in Hindu weddings are quite unique. Every ritual has its own importance and you must have seen a lot of red colour in all the rituals in Indian weddings. In other words, there is a special relation between the red colour and Indian brides. Red colour is considered auspicious as it is a colour of happy and new life.

Have you ever wondered why everything from bindi to vermilion to bangles to the outfit is red in colour and why brides wear only red things on their wedding day. In not, then we will tell you the relation of red colour with Indian brides. Read on.

Significance Of Red Colour

priyanka red colour significance weddings

Each colour has a different significance and colours represent some aspect of your life. This is why colours have a great importance in Hinduism. People often associate the red colour with love and passion. Also, according to the Hindu culture, red colour is associated with the rising sun.

Apart from this, according to the astrology, the colour of Mars is also red and Mars is considered to be in charge of marriage. This is the reason why most of the brides in Hindu weddings wear red colour. Along with all this, red is also considered a symbol of prosperity.

Cultural Importance

In Hinduism, red colour is also considered a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. This is because Goddess Lakshmi is seen wearing vermilion, bindi and bangles. She is also the wife of Lord Vishnu and she always protects him. Similarly, it is believed that a bride will also protect her husband.

Red Colour

We are all aware of the fact that Indian weddings last a few days because of numerous rituals. From mehendi ceremony to haldi ceremony, all the rituals are performed religiously and every ritual has its own importance. One thing that is common in all these rituals is that you will see red colour in different forms.

Red colour is believed to ward off the evil eye and bring prosperity to the household. Apart from this, the happiest moment of marriage is when the bride and groom are together and on the occasion, the brides wear coloured representing the strength and enthusiasm of the bride and groom.

Wedding Dress

patralekha red colour significance weddings

Indian brides usually wear red colour lehenga or saree on their wedding day. Brides look extremely beautiful in this colour. Red colour is the first choice for every bride on her wedding day because it looks good on most women and it also has a special significance. In recent times, it is a trend to wear lehenga on the wedding day but let me tell you red saree is a symbol of tradition and the bride looks extremely beautiful in it.

Red Jewellery

chooda red colour significance weddings

Nowadays, red colour is not limited only to the outfit but brides also like to wear red coloured jewellery along with their attire. From bangles to footwear to clutches, everything has a touch of red. Red coloured jewellery also gives a classy look to the bride.

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