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A honeymoon is a holiday taken by newlyweds immediately after their wedding, to celebrate their marriage. Today, honeymoons are often celebrated in destinations considered exotic or romantic .

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  1. Paris
    Well, this one is mandatory and a must-be. Paris is the synonym to honeymoon romance and don’t we know that already? There’s food, there’s architecture, there’s art. Paris is a full-pack punch.STAY?
    The most recommended property to stay at for honeymooners in Paris is Hotel Plaza Athéneé; also shown in the last sex and the city movie. The tariff is about 800$ (roughly 50,000 INR) for three nights is a luxurious suite. You will actually be chauffeured to the hotel!DO WHAT?
    Take walking tours around the city which are hosted free of cost. There is, of course, the Eiffel tower and gardens of the most unique blooms ever. Just go, see, eat and relax. That’s what a honeymoon should be, eh?


  1. Harbour Island, Bahamas
    Because you have never seen anything like this. Bill Gates’ favourite holiday destination, Bahamas is where you can spot the most beautiful pink sand beach.STAY?
    Tingum Village Hotel offers one-bedroom suites starting from 140$ (about 10,000 INR) which sports an outdoor balcony/patio for lounging.DO WHAT?
    This place is your Instagram goals. Pink sand, turquoise blue water and just the right green in the trees. You can also actually indulge in open air lunhes by the beach and splurge on some Bahama-ic caftans; it is also the best gift!
  2. Savannah, Georgia
    Savannah is a silent, sleepy place, away from the chaos of cities and serene just like that. The entire place looks like it is canopied under the trees.STAY: The Mansion on Forsyth Park at $189 (about 12,000 INR) is not just a hotel for the cosiest possible stay but also offers some exclusive amenities such as exquisite art collection, a cooking school, spa and an outdoor pool –all on site. This hotel is an experience, not a stay.DO WHAT?
    Savannah offers experiences like horse-drawn carriage tours around the city and like that of kayaking among the dolphins off Tybee islands.
  3. Aruba
    To put it simply, why do you need a reason to visit a place that is nicknamed as “One Happy Island” ? This place has a soothing temperature all around the year and the sun is just the perfect in all of Caribbean.STAY?
    The Ritz Carlton Aruba at 399$ (25000 INR) overlooks the Caribbean sea and the rooms open in a huge private balcony – just the best.DO WHAT?
    Apart from beaching at the Palm beach, you can see the purest of white sands in Aruba and indulge in gambling at one of the biggest; 15,000-square-foot casino.
  4. Sonoma, California
    There’s the best wine, exotic food and scenery which surpasses anything you have ever seen on a postcard.STAY?
    Forestville’s Farmhouse Inn at $595(36,000INR) offers barn rooms which are made of all wood. Apart from the stay, they also offer in-room wine tasting which is on the house.DO WHAT?
    If you stay at the aforementioned hotel, you also get an exclusive access to wineries not normally open to the public, such as Kistler and Kosta Browne. Besides, you can experience the local fare where California chefs do a farm-to-table feats; an experience which has been native to thre place from long before it was a trend.
  5. Santorini, Greece
    A small volcanic island, sunsets and sunrise on the backdrop of whitewashed villas- who’d not want to see that?STAY?
    It is recommended to stay in Perivolas hotel’s which starts at 465 4 a night (78,000 INR) for a suite which gives you a view of the Aegean Sea and also boasts a cliff terrace.DO WHAT?
    This is the land of the free; take scooters to explore the town, explore te historical sites, taste some of the best wine at local wineries and go on a hike – the opportunities are endless.


  1. Panama City, Panama

Panama has rain forests, two diverse coasts, mountains, islands more than 1000 in number and also a very vibrant nightlife to talk of. It is like beaches, mountains and a hep new-age city out in a location.


Couples recommend American Trade Hotel at about 279$ (17,000 INR) a night which is actually a restored building with just the right mix of modern and historic culture.

You can visit the Gatun lake, see wild animals crossing roads ten feet away from you, hike to the top of 650-foot Cerro Ancón and enjoy the Danilo’s Jazz Club for the nights. It is a delight for anybody who loves adventure.


  1. Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka is known as one of the finest islands of its size in the world; enough, yea?STAY?
    The River House from $280 (20,000 INR) is located at further southernmost tip of SL, river-crossed, jungle-strewn, ocean-side and just plain fantastic.DO WHAT?
    There’s a lot of usual stuff to do in SL like enjoying the sceneries but there’s a also a lot of jungle book right in the feels when you see monkeys swinging from branch to branch.
  2. Turkey
    Found under four hours from Turkey’s capital city, the breeze cut scenes of Cappadocia are powerful, wonderful, majestic and just worth it.STAY?
    Argos in Cappadocia at $200 (approx. 14,000 INR) is on the site of an antiquated cloister with rooms that have been re-established from the remaining parts of underground passages and holes; best for the lovers of history.DO WHAT?

Hot air balloon rides, foot on horseback, exploring the caves and the rock formations, Turkey is God’s art for delight.

  1. Galapagos Islands
    For an unmatched, unheard of wildlife experience; to see plants and animals found no where else on Earth.STAY?
    The 14-room Pikaia Lodge – for those with a budget on the higher side- at about 4,500$ (roughly 4,oo,ooo INR) for an all-inclusive 3-night exploration package. It is located on a giant tortoise reserve on Santa Cruz Island which means a walk on the grounds could mean seeing a wild giant tortoise- juts casually.

Go island-jumping on one of the inn’s private yachts and investigate the encompassing districts. Or on the other hand book a scuba plunging trip—the Galápagos are one of the seven submerged marvels of the world.



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