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Wedding is said to be a divine bond and moments stay forever. We at magicallense.com play active role in capturing and preserving each moment such that it brings a smile on the face of your dear one’s .It is said wedding ceremony brings along the association of two families and it’s a time when each member of the families come together and contribute to candid moments.We atmagicallense.com capture evergreen moments and preserve it for lifetime…

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The primary focus before getting into the details of a photographer is deciding that what kind of photography do you need for your wedding. Should it be contemporary photography or the latest, trending, candid photography?

Post deciding and narrowing down on your needs, look for a photographer who specialises in your kind of photography choices. It shouldn’t be very difficult looking for a specialist, thanks to Google and the know-it-all pados ki Sharma aunty! ?

Once you have listen down a few choices of specialists, it is necessary to have their portfolios and past photography samples checked. Doing so will not only help you be clearer about their work but also, in turn, help them to be more sure about your expectations from them.

Though this one becomes a little technical in nature, it is yet another important facet. As observed lately, photographers have been noticed to be tricking their customers by promising quality and delivering mediocrity. In order to not be a victim of the same, conduct a little research, learn about the basic sand check the quality of their gadgets they promise to use for your big day.

Instead of hiring different photographers or paying for each wedding event separately, ask for a packaged wedding shoot. This would not only cu down your costs but also, having the same person who understands your choices will make your shoots uniform and like worthy for you. Apart from the events of your weddings, you can demand for a complimentary pre-wedding shoot, too!

Another aspect to take care of while hiring a photographer is to learn about the delivery of their work. Wedding shoots, understandably, leaves the couple as well as the involved families deliberate and anxious. Having a photographer who isn’t prompt and punctual with the delivery should be a big no-no!

A photographer should be such who understands you choice of payments. A wedding shoot will involve grands too big in numbers and the mode of payment should t-o-t-a-l-l-y be your choice. An adamant and demanding photographer should anyway be a big no-no!

Do not be tricked, go into the details. A photographer x ma ask for Rs. xy for a shoot which might look delightful to you. However, it is necessary to make sure if they amount is justified enough for the xz number of coverage hours or not!

With a good digital photographer, you should not really notice a difference in quality when it comes to film vs digital; however, the difference would be in the way your images are presented to you. Film would be where you’d be given hard copies of your finished originals and with digital images; the photographer would give you CD or DVD for you to view your images. When faced with this choice, be sure you fully understand what is included with each method and ask to see a sample of how your proofs will be delivered.

Lastly and the most, most importantly, if you opt for a film, make sure that you choose your album design well in advance. The photographers may not instigate you to -or may not even let you have a whiff about it while you’re too busy in other engagements- make sure you’re in control of your album to not end up receiving the fondest of your memories in a design you dislike!

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