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26 August 2022

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The most expensive wedding rings..

The most expensive wedding rings..


Love is free but my my, rings are not. Coco chanel says “best things in this world are free , but the second bbest- expensive.” Rings are a token of love and the price does not define how deep that love runs but still expensive rings exists, this is a list of the expensive rings in the world. 


this engagament ring costs around $38.8 million. Prince Rainier  proposed to Grace with a ring crafted from diamonds and rubies that made up Monaco’s crown jewels. Later on, the Prince commissioned the 10.48-carat emerald cut diamond ring to be made by Cartier for Grace.

 Although the ring was purchased for $4 million in 1956 it is now estimated to cost around $38.8 million today. The ring is now part of the collection belonging to the House of Grimaldi.

2.Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s

this engagement ring from Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis was auctioned off for $2.6 million in 1996. The diamond formed part of the original 601-carat Lesotho III diamond and was 1 of only 18 stones cut from it. This remarkable ring costs around $20 million now.

3.Mariah Carey

this  engagement was of Australian businessman James Packer was a short-lived love story. But the platinum set ring is a timeless design.This glittering bauble was later rumored to have been sold by Carey for $2.1 million. She let it go for a bargain considering the $10 million original price tag of the engagement ring.

4.Anna Kournikova

In 2009, Anna kournikova was spotted with a canary yellow diamond ring from Enrique Iglesias. The couple never really confirmed if this was a second engagement ring or a wedding ring. Since the couple remains private about their personal lives, we have to keep guessing.The ring is now valued at almost $7.5 million, ranking it amongst the most expensive engagement rings in the world.

5. Beyonce

When Jay-Z proposed to Bey, he did it with a flashy emerald cut diamond set on a split shank platinum band. Since their engagement in 2008 the ring has increased in value to over $9 million today.The stone is flawless and deemed to be a premium and exceptional stone. It’s no wonder the ring is kept locked in a safe for the most part and Beyoncé chooses to wear simpler alternatives when out. 

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