Ways to save money on your wedding

As we know weddings can take a toll on your bank balance, so why not come up with ideas that are both pocket friendly and exclusive? This article is brought to you by WEDDING SUTRA- the best wedding planners of Kolkata on ways you can save bucks at your wedding.

1.Think “in season” for your flowers and food.

Two words will lower both your catering and floral expenses: seasonal and local. When you buy what’s in season, you get food and flowers at the peak of their supply when the price is normally lower. Plus, when they’re locally grown they don’t need to be shipped halfway around the globe. So not only do you save money, but you also reduce your carbon footprint. Win-win.

2.  Make your guest list the A-list.

It goes without saying that a shorter guest list is easier on both your budget and your sanity! Even if it’s unrealistic to whittle your list down to 20, chopping it from 300 to 150 will still help take things from overwhelming to manageable. More often than not, an intimate affair really does require less money and less work—and it comes with an invaluable bonus: more quality face time with that cozier group of guests you invited!

3.  Hire a wedding planner/day-of coordinator.

You might be thinking of foregoing a coordinator in order to save some cash, but trust us…if you’re looking to have your champagne-dreams-on-a-beer-budget wedding, then hiring a planner is your best bet. Time is money—and an experienced coordinator will handle all the little details so you don’t have to stress. Plus, they can also pass along savings to you by hooking you up with their extensive vendor network. Wedding sutra- The best wedding planners of Kolkata might just be the one you are looking for ?.

4. Seek out sample sales.

Wedding dress sample sales can yield pretty amazing designer bargains. Sign up for email updates from your favorite local bridal salons so you’ll be informed about their upcoming sale events. Some of our best tips: Arrive early (with an appointment, if required), wear your bridal undergarments, and know your size in advance. Just don’t forget to factor in the cost of possible alterations or professional dry cleaning.

5. Opt for more casual bites.

A buffet or family-style meal is typically easier on the wallet than a more formal, plated dinner. Everyone serves themselves and you forgo the cost of waited table service. You can also keep it casual by ordering from a local BBQ joint, your fave Bengali restaurant, or a fun food truck!

6.  Hire a DJ.

Choose a wedding DJ with a great, all-inclusive package that can cover you from ceremony to cocktail hour to reception. They’ll typically be cheaper than live musicians, and may provide everything from MC and DJ services to simple lighting design and even photo booth setup.

7. Cut the cake cost.

You don’t need to splurge on a four-tiered, fondant-covered cake (unless you want to!). Why not buy or make several dozen cupcakes and place them on pretty trays? Or get a bunch of pies from your local bakery and make a rustic dessert table. We’re particularly sweet on this budget-friendly dessert trend: the donut wall!

8. Use a travel agent.

If you’re planning a destination wedding or honeymoon, use a travel agency that specializes in romantic getaways. It will be cost efficient as well as unique.

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