Earth tones are in for 2023 weddings and we’re so excited! Earth tones consist of versatile colors ranging from terracotta oranges, to earthy greens, to tans. Earthy colors each have a hint of brown, so think any colors of the earth combined with a little brown to curate the perfect earthy tones palette for your wedding. 

Earth tones are great for any season, but pair especially well with fall months like September and October. 


Lavender is back again as a trendy wedding color for 2023. Lavender symbolizes elegance and beauty. It’s a wonderful color to implement into your wedding day color palette. 

Lavender weddings are especially popular during the spring and summer months of the year. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue, lavender is sure to nicely complement your wedding. 

If you have a lavender color wedding, having lavender flowers at your wedding is the perfect addition.


Orange is a versatile color we’ll be seeing for more weddings in 2023. Popular shades of orange are rust orange, bold orange for a pop of color, and coral. 

Shades of orange can fit any season! Rust orange is great for fall and winter, bold orange for the spring, and coral for the summer months.

4.Sage Green

Sage green is a beautiful color to implement into your wedding color palette. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue, sage green is sure to compliment your wedding and look great in photos. 

2023 brides are opting to pair sage green with darker shades of green, gold, navy blue, or dusty pink. Sage green is so versatile and looks beautiful with many different color combinations. 

5.Blush Pink

Blush pink is a beautiful wedding color to implement into your wedding palette. While blush pink makes a gorgeous primary color option, many 2023 brides are opting to have blush pink as a complementary color for their wedding to nicely pair with their primary color choice. 

Blush pink shades are versatile and can be easily incorporated into many wedding color palettes. Blush pink is commonly paired with shades of green, darker pinks and reds, and navy blue. These are only a few color suggestions, but the color combinations with blush pink are endless.

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