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If you’re planning your wedding and you’re thinking about wearing a colorful wedding dress, I’m here to tell you that it’s a fantastic idea! We saw so many brides rocking colorful gowns in 2022, and we expect to see this even more in 2023 weddings. A colorful wedding dress is such a fun and unique way to add some personality and flair to your big day, and there are so many amazing options out there to choose from. Floral gowns, pink wedding dresses, blue wedding dresses, or even a red wedding dress! We can’t wait for color in weddings this year!

1. Capes + Bows

This dreamy cape also has bows!
Capes are the perfect way to add some drama and glamour to your wedding look, and they’re perfect for brides who want to make a statement. We love all the bow details we are seeing this year as well – on capes.

 “At Wedding sutra we always love a beautiful clean ethereal veil, but we are super into something a little outside the box like a cape. We think capes are coming back in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can find detachable embellished shoulder capes, or wings, as well as simple tulle capelets in different lengths. Another thing is the use of long flowy bows on the gown or big dramatic bows on the shoulders which we can’t get enough of.  that the bride can customize how she wants to use the details in h

2. Embroidered Veils

embroidered wedding veil
Embroidered veils, statement veils, sequin veils, fringe veils. We are here for it all and can’t wait to see all the creative brides rocking this trend this year! This is such a great way to add a new look for a more simple, classic gown – or to mix things up a bit. An embroidered wedding veil can be adorned with anything from intricate floral patterns to bold, geometric designs, and they’re a great way to add some personality and uniqueness to your wedding look.

3. Transformable Wedding Dresses

Mini Cosmos dress with wrap skirt from Odylyne The Ceremony
What is a transformable wedding dress?
It’s a dress that can be transformed into multiple different looks or styles, usually by adding or removing layers, sleeves, or other elements. This means you can switch up your look throughout the day and evening, depending on your mood and the events you have planned.

 “This season, several amazing designers created dresses that can transform throughout the day, giving brides various ways to style their dream dress from ceremony to the afterparty. Brides can expect to find styles boasting everything from a detachable statement sleeve to fully detachable skirts that can transform from a ballgown to mini. It’s the ultimate have your cake and eat it too moment for a bride who doesn’t want to buy more than one dress.
They allow you to get multiple looks in one dress, which is perfect if you want to change things up for your reception or after-party. They’re also a great way to add some versatility and creativity to your wedding look, and they’re perfect for brides who want to have some fun with their attire.

4. Circularity with Wedding Gowns

Pari dress
 “Sustainability is on everyone’s mind, and brides are looking for sustainable options for their wedding gown when it comes to sustainable materials and small batch production. But brides are also intrigued by the idea of “re-wear” and the ability to wear the gown after the wedding day. Whether it is hemming the dress to a shorter length, dyeing it, or making small alterations, it’s a fantastic way to continue the memories and stop the cycle of one-time wear.”
Which of these 2023 wedding trends will you be incorporating into your wedding?

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