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05 September 2022

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why Wedding sutra and Raj jaiswal ??

why Wedding sutra and Raj jaiswal ??

Wedding sutra is a kolkata based wedding management company, despite being based in
kolkata , we have provided services to all over the indian subcontinent. Started in 2011, Raj
Jaiswal and his team aim to leave a legacy in the wedding management industry. Not to forget
we have hosted over 100 weddings at 40+ locations all over india. Visit : to know about our team.
Well we are very flexible to work with a client, we make sure all the needs are taken care of and
we definitely focus on every small detail a client has mentioned. Raj Jaiswal, has a special
attachment to fresh flowers as it helps soothing one’s mind and calming down jitters, not to
forget the sweet aromatic fragrance of fresh flowers. So we do specialize in fresh flower decor
for your dream-like wedding. To know more about the advantages of fresh flowers please check
out :
Having hosted above 100 weddings, we have got some great and positive reviews on our work. No client
ever leaves us without being satisfied, we believe that everyone deserves a happy wedding and we give
our blood, tears and sweat to make their dream wedding come true. To know more about our location and
reviews please
Wedding sutra always believed that our client is our biggest priority so we try our best to make sure that
no client is stressed and can enjoy their wedding day to their fullest. Stress , head being filled with
questions is a very common thing before the wedding but our team here at wedding sutra has got great
advices to give to help you calm your nerves. To know more, click the following :

  1. How to obver come wedding jitters:
  2. Do’s and Donts before your wedding:
  3. Most asked questions before wedding:
  4. How wedding planner will help you reduce your stress :
    We have worked on various themes and have a tendency to stick to the given criteria as much as we can.
    We never fail to satisfy our clients as they are our first and foremost priority. We have done both seasonal
    and thematic weddings, read the following article to know more about wedding themes of 2022.
    Having worked on over 100 locations we have short listed a few places that we think is the best for
    wedding this season, now a disclaimer that these shortlisted hotels and resorts are a personal favorite
    and suggested to clients but the client is always given the right to choose their own wedding venue. Click
    on the link to know more aboutWedding resorts in kolkata :
    Wedding hotels in kolkata :
    Wedding destinations in Rajasthan :
    Not only you are our priority but making you happy is one too, we are classy and trendy and we will be
    working with you like we are a family. Not only we support the local market but also make sure top quality
    services are provided to you. Hiring us will be like a huge burden being lifted off your chest. Click the link
    below to know more about why you need us as your wedding planner 😉
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