10 Indian hill stations to host a heavenly destination wedding 


A wedding is truly a special occasion for any couple on this planet. Both the groom and the bride plan a lot of stuff which they have been dreaming about their wedding. Some couples plan to tie the knot on the hill stations with mountains, forests, and love in the air. There is various hill station where you can plan your dream day. Following are the list of hill station where you can tie the knot.

  1. Take vows in Mussorie

The beautiful view of the Himalayan sunset, Doon valley enclosed by tree-covered hills, clear night sky with countless stars makes the exact perfect scene for any Indian destination wedding. Mussoorie is truly an amazing place for an out-of-the-box wedding. The hill station is full of ravishing Havelis. The fascinating surroundings confirm that the ceremonies are nothing less than a heavenly wedding.


  1. How about taking 7 pheras in the city which is summer capital

Yes, you have probably guessed it right. I’m talking about no other hill place but yes Shimla. The snow-covered mountain and the calmed ambiance would truly turn your much-awaited wedding into a perfectly planned wedding destination.


  1. How about Lavasa?

Lavasa is truly a breath-taking place, with several waterfalls and lakes. This hill station is a unique destination for any wedding. The destination in Maharashtra and it’s a man-made hill station gathering a lot of public interest. And holding hands while the ceremony near the lakeside would truly be rememberable for any couple.


  1. How about starting the new chapter from Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is truly a heavenly place with utter calmness and soul-refreshing ambiance. Rishikesh is surely a beautiful destination for starting with a new chapter. The auspicious day should e filled with good mood and amazing ambiance and Rishikesh would surely provide you with both.


  1. Gulmarg

The Himalayas truly leaves a jaw-dropping moment for all the people who see them. This place is truly heart for many people and tying a knot at such an amazing hill station is no less than a blessing by the mountains to the couple.


  1. Pahalgam

The place located in the Anantnag district, Jammu and Kashmir is surely a soul relaxing place. It rightly said that hill stations are the place to get rid of the hustle of life and get into mood refreshment. Hence, weddings are itself so tiring and busy but celebrating your togetherness and taking vows in such a lovely environment is surely the best decision taken by any couple.


  1. Saying “I do” at Nainital?

Oh yes! Making time from the busy schedule and getting lost in nature is surely the best thing ever happening. And it would surely be an awestruck moment for the guest if you have planned your wedding at any of the hill stations. Nainital is surely a fascinating place and if you are planning your wedding here then you have truly made a wise decision.

  1. “Qubool hai” at Ooty

It is truly so romantic if the dream wedding is happening in the calmed ambiance with aesthetics. Hills, cool breeze and saying “qubool hai” would be a remarkable and a rememberable wedding both for the couple and guests.


  1. Manali and wedding?

Manali is one of the most beautiful hill stations, people have truly been mad for the hills in Manali. The cool mind comes with a cool environment and Manali surely offers you this. If you are planning a dream wedding at the hill station, then Manali can also be a satisfying place to celebrate your happiness and start with your new journey.


  1. A new chapter from Darjeeling!

Mesmerizing locales, jaw-dropping sunrises, the welcoming beautiful smiles of the local people and untouched beauty of the hills, all sums up to make Darjeeling one of the most amazing hill stations in the Eastern part of India. The place is the tourist attraction surely fascinates everyone and starting with the new chapter of your life i.e. planning your wedding here would surely add stars o your big day.



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