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Plan your Wedding at a Luxury Hotel in Kolkata With Wedding Sutra

A wedding at a luxury hotel in Kolkata is an absolute delight for the locals and for wedding parties from nearby towns. A wedding at a luxury hotel is absolutely worth the money and effort because it ensures world class services and a happy experience for the bride, the groom and the entire wedding party. But planning a wedding at any luxury hotel comes with its own set of challenges. Why? Well let us explain it to you.

Luxury Hotels Are Usually A Part Of A Larger Brand

With the corporate culture having taken over the hospitality industry too, the contracts that hotels have at offer for your wedding are standardized and you need some real negotiation skills to get that one deal that is tailor-made for you. A wedding planner can help you ebb out the discomfort of not understanding much and being able to get the best contract for your wedding.

Explore your Options First

We at Wedding Sutra help you explore all available options in and around the city. For researching the property you could also use other websites and platforms for comments from previous users. If you have a network in the city, it might also be possible to reach out to people who actually had a wedding in that property.

Dealing With Corporate Sales

In most luxury hotels your first interface will be with a representative from the corporate sales team. When you are interacting with this one person several policies regarding the wedding space ought to be checked –

  • The area of the wedding banquet hall
  • Number of weddings that may be conducted in the hotel on the same day
  • Inhouse only / Outside allowed permissions for caterer, decorator, drinks etc. should be checked before hand
  • Before everything is documented and laid down clearly in the contract request to meet the execution team and understand how they will accomplish various tasks.

Co-ordinating With The Execution Teams

Once you are past the contract signing stage, you will move on to an entirely different set-up. You might realize that the execution team talks an absolutely different language. It’s best to involve a wedding planner in this stage so that you don’t lose your mind. More so if you are involving outside vendors for various aspects such as decorations, DJ, theme based Garland exchange ceremony etc. Check with the hotel team, if they are going to assign somebody inhouse to keep the guns blazing, or will you need to assign one of your people to keep a tab on things to be completed on time.

Wedding Sutra -Your Ideal Planning Partner for Your Wedding at Luxury Hotel

We at Wedding Sutra believe that the bride and groom and their immediate families are the ones who are immense pressure to make the wedding a memorable day for everyone and especially for themselves. To keep any stress and hassles at bay, we have a dedicated team who as an interface on your behalf works closely with the team at the luxury hotel and make sure that everything works out smoothly.

We at Wedding Sutra have an experienced negotiation team that will clinch for you the best deal covering all your requirements. Our co-ordination team is capable of running from pillar to post and co-ordinate with the gamut of vendor teams (internal to the hotel and external) and make sure that everything is executed as per the contract and your wish.

Finally as wedding planners who have a work experience worth a decade in the industry we would advise you that if you are not satisfied with the offering at the luxury hotel is ready to provide to you as a wedding destination of choice, do not fret. Move on to the next option in your list. Understand that your wedding is actually not about the location, or decoration or even food for that matter. It is eventually about the celebration with people who you value and who values you and make your big day memorable.

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