Bridal Beauty Trends To Follow This Wedding Season

Hey! The wedding season is here and we can’t contain our excitement at the thought of all the gorgeous brides who always manage to take our breath away. Like everyone else, the Wedding Sutra team believes that the most important stakeholder in a wedding is the bride. And she is also the one who makes most painstaking efforts to look perfect on her special day.  From healthy eating to exercising, from deciding on the trousseau to finalizing the make up everything tiny details feels like, it could make or break the deal for her. Heard the term ‘Bridezilla’ ? Well with so much to take care of and manage to perfection, it indeed is only logical and acceptable for a would-be-bride to turn into one.

In the recent times, make up methods have gone through some major transition. Also, the brides-to-be are more aware and conscious of how they want to create a balance between looking both chic and bride like. And today we discuss five aspects of bridal make-up that will help the bride decide upon what suits her best and look like a queen on her D-day.


Defined Eyes / Diffused Eyes

Indian women are gifted with bold eye brows and going bold on defining the eyes more than any other feature comes in as a natural choice to opt for. Thick eye kohl along with defined upper and lower water lines  are the first step to this bold eyes look. A defined colored eye-shadow goes best with this bright bold eyes look.  False eye-lashes and thick mascara will add to the dramatic look.

On the contrary, you could do a diffused eyes look coupled with a metallic eye shadow. Smokey eyes look suits best for one who has big eyes and makes a bold eye statement. One could chose between black or brown or metallic smokey eyes, based on the skin color and the bridal lehenga.  Smokey eyes with nude lips are very popular this wedding season season.


Matte Lips or Bold Pouts

Well depending on the statement you decide to make with your eyes, you could decide on going with a matte or a bold look with your lips. If you want to go for a lightweight natural looking without much fuss, matte lips work best.

But if you are the quintessential Indian bride who wishes to look as dramatic as possible then bold statement with bright colored lips should be your go to style statement. Specially if you want to match your lip color with your bridal lehenga, a bold and sensuous look will add to your charm.

Pastel Pink or Bold and Bright

The pastel pink is for those brides who are looking forward to make a statement with their simplicity. A soft pink blush and matching make-up on eyes and lips will give you the essentially modern day not-much-fuss-simple-yet-elegant look.

One bridal look that will never go out of trend is the traditional Indian bride look in red. Coupled with bold and defined eye make-up, a red or another dark shade from the same color family will give you that typical but absolutely lovable Indian Bride look.  For all night time weddings, this traditional bridal look works very well and makes the bride stand out among the crowd.


Gone are the days of traditional accessories. Today the brides are willing to go all quirky with accessories that accentuate their features and highlight their make-up. You could chose to have a mang-tikka or a borla, or for that matter a chapka is no more an accessory of choice for only Muslim brides.  For a nose ring too, the variety of designs and formats available today are wide and every bride will find something to match her style.


Some essential To-Dos to prepare for Bridal Make-up before the D-Day

As it is evident that there is no hard or fast rule to what kind of make-up should a bride opt for, it is best to take some calls in advance.

  • Make sure to have a one on one meeting with your potential make-up artist.
  • Discuss your bridal outfit and the look you wish to have based on the points above.
  • If possible, set up a date for a trial run with your make-up artist.
  • Get your accessories in place well ahead of time and share them with your make-up artist.

And finally, do not fret too much. Let the love and excitement flow through your eyes and everything will fall in place. No amount of make-up can compensate for the glint in your eyes.


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