Who doesn’t like a touch of nature on their wedding day? Well fresh flowers are creating a big buzz at Indian weddings, be it of an elite celebrity or a commoner, fresh flower décor is in demand. Flowers add elegance and beauty to any look, a bit natural , some classic touch and off course the splendid fragrance of fresh flowers would leave your guests awestruck at your wedding.

Why choose fresh flowers over fake flowers?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, fragrance. No matter if the fake ones are scented, fresh flowers would take you into an earthy environment and there is nothing better than getting married into mother nature’s arms. Fake flowers are used and reused again and again so they also lose their newness it is always advised to use fresh flowers over the fake ones if you want a touch of uniqueness and softness at your wedding. In ancient greece the herbs and spices were used to ward off evil spirits and bad luck during the wedding, and the flowers they chose represented new beginnings, happiness, fidelity, and wishes for fertility.

The psychological effect of flowers on human minds

Flowers are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

A depressed or irritated mood can easily be fixed with one vase of flowers that are roses or tulips, since there are certain features attached to flowers that help to make a person happy. It is natural that people are obsessed with colors which means the more colors we see, the more relaxed we feel. Flowers contain thousands of colors with different combinations. This color combination is a satisfaction to our eyes.

On your wedding all you would want to do is enjoy so it is suggested to use fresh flowers as it would keep your mind calm.

Why fresh flowers are creating a buzz at the weddings?

First and foremost , they are very affordable and the options are vast. Dreid or fake flowers are costly and the options aren’t as vast either . Also you will be supporting the local market a lot not only are you putting money back into your community, but florists know which flowers are in season and will therefore be the most affordable. Also, florists will design, deliver, and install all the beautiful fresh blooms to make your wedding gorgeous, if your wedding planners are associated with local vendors, like WEDDING SUTRA you will be not only getting married but, getting married with blessings from the local farmers and wont it be a great way to start your journey of a married life?

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and photos and videos will capture all the special moments. Real flowers photograph better than fake ones and make those captured memories extra special. Flowers will likely be in every shot taken. Plus, you want your wedding memories to be associated with gorgeous, fragrant, lush, fresh blooms, right?

Famous people who had fresh flower décor


Well, we have all seen this infamous picture and it looks mesmerizing.


AH probably the most talked wedding in the last few years but please can we take a moment to appreciate the beautifully decorated place with those flowers?

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

I just had to add these two to the list, so beautiful so cute and i bet you can smell the fragrance of those flowers from this picture.

With this we now come an end of our list, WEDDING SUTRA prioritises fresh flowers at weddings and specialises in them, we believe in supporting our local market and spreading the earthy ambiance of the fresh flowers before starting the journey of marriage.

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