We have already set into a new year and new trends for the multi-million dollar wedding industry are no shock or surprise. Here we list some hottest wedding photography trends which are totally in today but shall look in the current for years to come!

1. Underwater shoot-
The world is done with regular pictures at the backdrop of lush green fields and flowers. Waterproof cameras facilitate shoots under the water to give your wedding a fairytale-mermaid feel in truest of sense.

2. Drone wedding shoots-
Talking about underwater; let us also cover the element of air here, haha. Aerial wedding shoots which were limited to celebrities in the past are now easily affordable and accessible for the general masses to give you pictures from angles, never possible previously.

  1. Shooting the proposal-
    The most romantic moment in a couple’s life has to be when the ring is proposed and why would you not document to preserve it? To keep it personal and preserve it at the same time, some couple might even go with the idea of re-doing it only for the shoot later; though that might not capture the true emotions.
  2. Backlit photos-
    Using the natural light from behind a portrait creates a very magical and romantic feeling in the portraits- and hence such shoots have been in trend for the right reasons. Just like when you take a walk down the park during the sunset or sunrise, everything looks so somber and lovely, yea?
  3. Wedding-customized HashTags-
    As we have all already been witnessing, the trend is such, if it ain’t on Instagram, it hasn’t happened. Accepting the taking over of technology on our lives, couples these days create HashTags for their wedding and apart from their own snaps, even the guests are also probed to use them for all the photos they upload on the social media. The HashTag, for example, could be #JustMarriedKohlis and of sorts.

    6. Overhead shoots-
    The best wedding photographers of the nation have taken up experimenting with angles. And why not, though? We have had enough of teethy-smiles zoomed in from one same angle for years already, duh!

  4. Themed shoots-
    In order to tell a story through a series of pictures, some couples also opt for a themed shoot to not spoil the story being told with various backgrounds. The themes could range from anything like comic books, wild nature, elegant gardens and city scrappers.
  5. Incorporating technology-
    Two hot tech-tools incorporated in the shoots this year are tilt shift lens and art lens. The tilt shift lenses trickily create narrow areas of focus by blurring other parts of the image which is also applied to wedding videos for artistic and abstract styles. The Art lenses, however, create a very natural look that many stock lenses simply cannot capture.

    9. Confetti pop-
    The favorite prop for the couple at modern weddings; not just the guests, peeps, the couple deserves the props to quirk too!

    10. Smoke Bombs
    The sparkles and paper bits are now setting aside, making way for the majestic smoke bombs. If you have to create impressive and chic shoots – you do it with smoke bombs. Sufficient backlight should be ensured to avoid a fail though.

(All images sourced from the web)

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