How to plan a small intimate wedding

Weddings can be fun in both small and a lavish manner, all you need is a good wedding planner and it can make your dream of a small yet lavish wedding come true. This article is brought to you by WEDDING SUTRA- the best wedding planners in kolkata.

1.Deciding your venue – considering a small wedding for only the close ones, the venue can be small and sober. You can opt for a small farmhouse. It is advisable to choose a venue closer to your homes, as it will save a lot of your cost in hiring rental cars or buses. Keep in mind to choose your location months before your wedding date.

  1. Prioritize your events- Prioritize what you may or may not need in your wedding. Don’t make any random arrangements for your wedding planning list. Choose the things that are of utmost importance first and then go for the one with minimum importance. By prioritizing your task list you can compromise on one thing and can spend more on the other.
  2. Go with the SeasonBuying an off-season flower for your decorations could prove costly to you. Consider some material that is in course with the season. The same goes for your food. Having some off-season fruit or vegetable in your main course or dessert section could make a hefty sum.

Jewellery Shopping-Buying a gold, platinum or diamond ornament seems  to be the most prudent task at hand. But, don’t forget that these are the costliest affair for any wedding. This is certainly the section where brides-to-be are going to spend the most. Be creative and bring out some individuality in your dressing style.

Go plain with the décor- An intimate gathering calls for a simple and sober décor. Who said one cant have a wedding without all the glitz? Plenty of celebrities had a minimalistic wedding with fresh flower décor. Wedding sutra- the best wedding planners in Kolkata suggest an all-flower full fledged wedding , not only would it cut your budget but also be eco-friendly and would support the local vendors .

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