Lets promote fresh flowers in all our social and wedding functions .

Why we should promote 100 % fresh flowers in all social functions and weddings ?

A wedding is said to a be divine bond from heaven abroad, God made his best creations as humans and we humans shall follow his sermon ..In a social functions or weddings, in India maximum people prefer more to feed the people or waste food rather than promoting the farmer’s.

Farmers are said be the most hard-working people who work day and night to make sure that our essential needs are met. We always have learnt to have a farmer’s attitude, but we humans have been selfish …In a wedding there is lot of scope to promote farmers by non-use of plastic flowers and plastics substance in a wedding décor. At wedding sutra , we promote the use of fresh flowers directly from the farms . We have been blessed with farmers blessings as we procure fresh stock from Bangalore , Pune and Himachal farms and at the same time we deliver the fresh stock to our clients …

We at wedding sutra make sure that our maximum décor done for social function and weddings fresh flowers used . If the clients has less budget we request them to use more of varieties of leaves instead of plastics. We can do awesome décor with leaves and we make sure that the combination of fresh flower and leaves make the décor look sumptuous and exclusive.

India as a country is blessed with great climatic condition, flowers bloom in winters and summers too so does the wedding seasons. We at wedding sutra have taken a initiative to promote our farmers via using fresh flower. Raj Jaiswal, the director at wedding sutra a leading wedding planner in Kolkata makes sure that someday soon people will ban plastic flowers which comes from countries like china . Lets take a pledge to ban plastic flowers for all our social function , because we need to build a farmer attitude .

India is blessed with varieties of plantations , weather it be lilies, chrysanthemum , roses , gypsy , carnations etc , all varieties of fresh flower are farmed by our farmers . …




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