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02 August 2022

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Wedding planners make your dream wedding come true. They make the couple’s vision of the perfect wedding a reality, for them to dive into on their special day. Every day is different for a wedding planner, be it what the couple wants for their theme or the venue. No day is the same.  A wedding planner experiences all the fashions, trends, and wants of their clients on a daily basis which is also the reason they stay trendy.


Wedding planners arrange everything starting from pickup facilities at an airport to seeing if the DJ is playing all the right songs at the wedding. WEDDING SUTRA being the best wedding planner in Kolkata facilitates all the above-mentioned tasks within a very affordable budget, they take care of the needs of both brides and grooms, the family, and the friends. Here are a few tasks a wedding planer does so you don’t have to 😉

  • Picking up guests from the airport.
  • Following the theme of your dream wedding, be it at a beach or on top of mountains.
  • Contacting all the vendors, negotiating, and giving you the best deal there is to offer.
  • Making sure the distinctive needs of all types of guests are taken care of, for example, sugar-free beverages for your diabetic aunt or Punjabi songs for your best friends are served (lol)
  • Arranging all the entertainment starting from the pre-wedding photoshoot to dropping guests at the airport.
  • WEDDING SUTRA specializes in providing you with fresh flowers as the main center of attraction of your wedding décor.


A very specific set of skills are required to be a reputed wedding planner, as a wedding requires a lot of attention to detail, patience, and the ability to work under pressure too. Here are some skills you must have to be a wedding planner.

  • Organizational skills: in order to execute a wedding ceremony completely, the planner must have great organizational skills as a wedding consists of lots of events and a cluster of frills to be taken care of. Someone who is organized in his or her daily life would find it comparatively easy to start a wedding planning than someone who is messy.
  • Ability to work under stress: The task of a wedding planner is to lessen the stress of the bride and groom and make sure the wedding is flawless. Someone who can easily work under stress and make decisions on the spot would be a great asset to executing the wedding perfectly.
  • Up to date with the trends: everybody wants to impress their guests with the wedding of a lifetime, in this case, a wedding planner needs to be very cautious and stay up to date with the trends to provide a satisfactory ceremony to their clients.
  • Creativity: creative mind is the most important lookout if you are looking for a wedding planner, all the designing, the themes, in short the art side of a wedding relies on the creativity of the planner.

TALK WITH RAJ  JAISWAL- Director at Wedding Sutra

Raj Jaiswal, the director of WEDDING SUTRA, the best wedding planner in Kolkata spared a few minutes of his time to talk about his life as a wedding planner.

INTERVIEWER: It is always great to see your budding company get recognized more and more every day, so what was your motivation behind it?

RAJ: Well, the wedding industry has seen such vast growth in the last decade which is why I wanted to step into it and I knew with my set of skills, I could make something great and leave a legacy, not only will it keep generating more and more employment but also it would bring a smile on the face of our clients and our employees too and as the founder of WEDDING SUTRA that would make me very happy too.

INTERVIEWER: How much do you value your employees?

RAJ: no business would bud without being watered by their loyal employees. I believe here at the team of WEDDING SUTRA all my employees are my biggest asset. The better they work, the better the outcome of the company. I have been lucky to have such talented people work for me and I can say one day they would be the ones to carry my legacy.

INTERVIEWER: what do you do after a successful project?

RAJ: I most definitely cherish all the smiles we brought on our clients and their guests, it is always heartwarming to see people enjoying the events with energy and leaving with a big fat smile on their faces, I even learn that perfection is a long way and the journey I am on would surely take me there, I learn from every ceremony we host and try to make each one of them the best.

INTERVIEWER: How has WEDDING SUTRA made your life better?

RAJ:  the team of WEDDING SUTRA  is like a family to me now, all I can say is I have arranged ceremonies for clients all the while working with my family, my team, and my greatest asset. I would also like to mention that I personally have always been a big fan of fresh flowers, they bring me peace so I try my best to spread the peaceful aura of fresh flowers by making them a center of attraction at all our weddings if we have the permission of our clients. So yes, working here I have been able to spread the beauty of flowers, bring smiles to the faces of many families, and being a good mentor to my team has brought me eternal peace so, I will always be thankful to WEDDING SUTRA.

For sure being a wedding planner is tough but having this conversation with Raj made me believe that once you start making people happy, it becomes an obsession to keep making them happy, a great one indeed because at the end of the day we all deserve a little bit of happiness to wake up every day and have the motivation to work harder not just for others but for ourselves too. 😊

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