Pro’s and con’s of Destination wedding .

Having a wedding at a beautiful place instead of the vicinity of your home is referred to as a destination. It can be a extravagant affair with a lot of guests, or limited to a few close ones, including immediate family and good friends.


Here we give you 5 reasons to have a destination wedding; and 5 reasons to not. You see, we have all the Pros & Cons!



  1. It’s Expensive
    A flight to Paris, or even a train from Delhi to Jaipur’s palace resorts, traveling and staying at an expensive hotel for 4 to 5 days can lead to you asking your kin to empty up their wallets for you. This leads up to too many of them not turning up and you getting disheartened. And even if you do manage to cater for all the expenses by yourself, it will be a humongous task to fulfil the personal wishes of the guests, which might include a short tour of the place too.
  2. Rules out a big fat wedding gathering

Destination weddings never really attract a very large crowd because of so many uncountable reasons. It will always consist of your close family, a few distant ones and friends who will probably call you to their destination weddings. So, if you are a fan of big family gatherings and the whole euphoria, this might not be your cup of tea.

  1. Endless planning and checklists

If anything, a destination wedding would either teach you to be a really good manager, or it will turn out to be the worst decision of your life. Advanced bookings, itinerary, florists, climatic conditions are some of the many things you would become responsible for, all at once. It is quite possible that the objective of your wedding would change into completing it successfully, instead your marriage.


  1. Distance can lead to some disappointments

Traveling, again, is a very big issue. If at all, it should be delt with separately for a smooth wedding. You will be asking your friends to miss board meetings and presentations at the office, your unwell relatives to fly across the country( or even the world ) and the economically unstable guest to disturb their safety plans, only because you decided to have your wedding at a place of your choice. Late reservations and missed flights would only add on to your problems.


  1. A family honeymoon

If you were planning to extend your wedding destination as your honeymoon escape too, then, there is trouble waiting at your hotel door. Some of the guests might want to stay for a longer time, and you’ll keep bumping into them every single day. One would want privacy while being on honeymoon, yea? What about that?




  1. A lot less stress if at the right destination
    Most of the resorts have realised the potential profit from a Destination Wedding, and have hence made packages that suite your needs. So you don’t have to worry about actually ‘planning’ your wedding. Many offer the complimentary services of their on-site wedding consultant who will help you coordinate all of the ceremony essentials.
  2. Easy to avoid unnecessary people
    With a smaller invitation list, you can avoid feeling “forced” to invite the cousin you can’t stand, or the in-law that everyone fights with. Just invite your very closest friends and family to the intimate ceremony and celebration, or keep it romantic and don’t invite anyone. You can always send them pictures!
  3. An Economical Reception
    Spending a luxurious wedding weekend in a dramatic location can often cost less than a seated dinner at a nice location. Having a reception locally could burn a hole in your pocket, because you practically have to invite ‘everyone you know,’ whereas you don’t have to call them if your reception is on a beach (or anywhere away from your locality).
  4. You save on the décor
    Just imagine getting married by the beach or in a fancy huge palace; with fairy-tale backdrops as such, who needs artificial decorations? Destinations do not ask for a lot of attention, they just want you as you are; cover up with a few pristine flowers here and there, possibly opt for some DIY ideas and that should be just enough.
  5. Memories and memories!
    Let’s face it – weddings have a tendency to run in a particular order and while the day itself might roll in a similar way to one at home with the ceremony, a drinks reception, a dinner and some dancing; a destination wedding is one your guests won’t forget in a hurry and are sure to be talking about for years to come. There is so much opportunity to put on an altogether culturally different occasion, embracing local traditions and cuisine in a altogether unforgettable setting. Your options are endless!



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