Things to keep in mind while booking a wedding venue .

Queries while you plan to book a venue for a wedding or social function?

Wedding announced and you are on a hunt to finalise the wedding venue or for your social functions, we at wedding sutra would suggest u to keep the following elements in mind .

Location of the venue

The location of the venue plays a vital role when it comes to wedding to be planned in the resident city . if we think in the point of our guest and our city being Kolkata , guest prefer venue which have access through metro , cab services and are close to the city center , because most guest come post their office and would prefer a minimum travel time to the venue as they need to return post invite because the next day might be a office day .

Venue requirements as in infrastructure.

The venue should have the following facilities

  • Proper security and cctv coverage
  • Ample parking facilities
  • Hygienic toilets
  • Bigger kitchen area with proper water taps and sewage.


The venue should have this for the social or wedding function requirement

  • A preferred venue should have a closed a.c banquet along with a lawn , it could be any star category , in winter a lawn is preferred but your never know when there is a climatic weather change .So a lawn with with closed banquet venue is preferred .
  • The venue should have min 2 dressing rooms, one for the bride to get her make up on and the other for the groom to change his clothes . Sometimes these rooms are required to take rest for the bride side or the groom side .

Before confirming the venue, one should go through the terms and conditions as they are the trickiest of the lot. Most venues, first take advance and then share with you a contract copy , when u later go through the contract you come to know the following :-


  • Food and beverage and flower decorator has to be availed from our panel of vendor , the word panel replaces the word syndicate to be more flowery were 3 to 4 vendors are assigned in the panel and you have to take services from them at their price because they have also give a commission of 25 to 30 % to the venue owner who promote corruption and at the same time the vendors would also like to make a profit of 20 to 30% , os at the end of the day you get and output of 50 % of your money . . REMEDY …think twice before you book these kinds of venue rather before finalising a venue please go through the contract note, if this is mentioned please get it written off and in-form that you would like to get your taste of vendor and wouldn’t settle down with such low quality of deliverables at such high cost . It’s the wedding in your family and you would not like to compromise.
  • Cleaning charges, banquets and venues charge a cleaning charge for usage of facilities this is minimum rating from 1500 to 3000 , but some venues charge approx. 15,000/- for the same which has to be negotiated while finalising the venue .


  • Some venues give you venue in package which include decoration incl of decorator , flower ,and electricals , the trick here is that they run the same décor for each day which Chinese plastic flower which have more germs and are pathogens , please stay away from plastic stuff , if package is offered try to get all fresh flower décor which is value for money and also since you have paid as a package you should get something good .
  • Always abstain from Chinese stuff don’t promote plastic stuff , always say a complete no no …


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