Top 10 street food in big fat indian wedding at kolkata

Big fat indian wedding , the statements in it self is grand , at wedding sutra . Raj jaiswal shares the top 10 food stations to be in a food spread of global Kolkata wedding .

  1. Water balls – PUCHKA , PANI PURI stall , a must have , were all the beautiful ladies munch onto . A recipe to activate your taste buds and the starter to the spicy road ahead..



  1. Aloo tikki chat : Aloo tikki can be used to make many varieties of snacks and chaats. This tongue tickling aloo tikki chaat recipe uses stuffed spicy tikki and other typical chaat ingredients like sev, chopped onions and assortment of chutneys to recreate the best Indian street food experience.


  1. Bhel Puri is a popular street food from India. Made using puffed rice and an amalgamation of spices and chutneys, it is a treat to the taste buds.

  1. Chowmein, people in Kolkata will tell you, is a not just noodles, but a badge people in the city wear with great honour. Just like the potato in the biryani. No matter how much it has deviated from the original cuisine, it is the version with the most soul, they’d argue.


  1. Kolkata Egg Rolls recipe is a popular street foodof Kolkata or previously known as Calcutta. This is a tasty and filling wrap sold in the street side food stalls that’s loaded with veggies. Basically this is a roti (flat bread) that is flattened on an egg omelette which is later stuffed with raw, seasoned vegetables, served after rolling it like a wrap or frankie.


  1. Netaji alo and chana chips : city of joy , Kolkata has it traditions and with time people dressed in kurta pyjama and a neta ji topi , sell hot chips and chana chip near road side tea shop the perfect adda place , the one near sharma tea stall at swimming pool , raj jaiswal named him as neta ji , and since last 5 yrs he has been a famous movable stall in weddings , a must try to keep your guest munching ..


  1. Ek garam chai … chai chai .. Kolkata means adda and adda at tea stall is a must for all the bongs here and what better than the heritage Sharma tea , they setup stall at all grand weddings weather it was the wedding of the Mittals or for Mookherjee’s , tea has to be from Sharma Tea . ..” singh ji ek garam bhar chai dijiye”


  1. Gola counter from maidan , ice gola , namak gola , chuski etc a must have stall at a wedding which caste a magical spell on hearts which are the one of kids …


  1. Sweet from khuro mahashay , The north Kolkata nostalgia blended in sweets from khuro moshai.


  1. PAN from babu lal chowrasia : The most talked about leaves which marks the completion of a BIG fat INDIAN wedding , the sweet leaves from babul al chowrasia , the man who was part of all the big fat Indian wedding .

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