Wedding do’s & dont’s

A wedding can be overwhelming and for most of us all, as it is the first time, you could have yourself find in a fix of situations. Unable to decide what to do, what to avoid, how to behave and how to put up a great show.

Through the chaos, however, do not forget the basic do’s and don’ts; we are here to take you through it, honey!


1. Pick short songs to dance to
We know its your wedding and everybody is extremely happy for you but the again, they are your guests, why not care a little about their happiness too? You should definitely do your first couple dance but it is always advisable to keep the song short and sweet. Keep it as long as it makes everyone go aww; stop it when it becomes ughh!

2. Choose the venue carefully
Consider the prevailing weather conditions, the time of the day, the kind of people you have invited. Make sure the place is not too crammed for kids or too big for the old. Also, avoid picking a place that is too far from the city center and could act as an inconvenience for all

3. Come to common grounds
It is a wedding that includes two people and wherever there are two people, there will be disagreements. You might want to have everything non veg while your other half could not be as comfortable with the idea. Come to common grounds! Pick a kind of meat instead of all sorts of meat and have a dish or two of each for your starters and mains. Voila!

4. Shorter wedding reception
People have attended every single day of your wedding, all the functions spread over three days; haldi, mehendi, sangeet, engagement wedding – everything. For the end, you could possibly just keep it a little shorter for the convenience of all. It is actually even better to just have you really close buds who would actually want to be there and not come for the sake of it or free food.

5. Enjoy yourself!
The most important, self explanatory and essential. Everyone will be fine if you are, babe!


1. Panic
Last minute nerves are completely normal before the wedding and anxiety reigns the wedding preparations but a full blown panic attack is possibly not how anyone would want to begin the wedding celebrations. Its always important to keep reminding oneself that the wedding is a celebration of love and the beginning of a beautiful new life and positivity and patience are the best virtues that assure not just a successful wedding but also marriage.

2. Take decisions without your partner
It is surely easier to have everything done your way because your way suits you the most but do not step over your partner’s wishes. A wedding is as much your day as it is your partner’s and it needs to reflect both you and your partner. Its a great way of establishing rock-solid communication as well by making sure that you and your partner are both involved and satisfied at every step and the wedding is a culmination of great bond that you and your partner share.

3. Buy cheap dinner
While your wedding day is of utmost importance to you and signifies a myriad of beautiful emotions and lifelong memory, most of your wedding guests—barring a few really close ones— are there primarily for free food. Its essential that your wedding be a goof memory to everybody who attends it so that they send you their best wishes and thus buying a cheap dinner is certainly the last thing one should do.

4. Make the wedding the center of your life
This is perhaps the hardest to not do but it is equally significant. Weddings can turn into a dangerous obsession and even a small little trivial mishap could get blown out of proportion due to this obsession leading to catastrophic consequences emotionally and mentally. While weddings are certainly a milestone in a person’s life, letting it take over one’s life is a bad idea. Its a celebration that should be enjoyed and not stressed over, marriage is stressful anyway.

5. Skip the honeymoon!
Weddings can be extravagantly expensive and one should never sacrifice the honeymoon due to wedding expenses and keep the honeymoon for later. A honeymoon is as important as the wedding. While the wedding is a grand celebration with tons of people, a honeymoon is the intimate entrance to the marriage that proves to be an even better memory than the wedding. You know it’s the best part of a wedding! 😉

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