Wedding planner Vs Wedding coordinator

Even before the whole engagement process begins, the words that echo all around are “wedding planner.” Of late, however, it has also changed in some places to a “wedding coordinator” and more of ten than not, it is a difficult choice; whom to pick?

Here, we have an all you need to know guide about the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator.

Starting off with our dear old friend, the traditional Wedding Planner:
Think of this man a your real man. He is there for you at every step of the wedding process. Right from when you start to think about your big day and start to dream about your fantasy event, the planner is right there in the background. He shares your vision, he gives you ideas, he walks you through the right combinations of colours and venues. Once you hire a wedding planner, you allocate him a budget, you share your likes and dislikes, you communicate the grounds you do not wish to compromise on and practically just leave the rest on him. The planner helps you create a timeline of things, stick to you in your difficult days and offer the best vendors at the bets prices to you. Essentially, in a line, a wedding planner is the person who sets your wedding up for you; while all you have to do is to approve/disapprove what he plans.

Coming over to the recent name in the Indian wedding industry, Wedding Coordinator:
Wedding coordinator is like the friend who you might have never spoken to in school but he eventually helps you out on the final viva day. A coordinator takes care of the events and of every possible thing that needs to be taken care of only on ‘the’ wedding day. This person does not help you pick your venue, vendor, lights, flowers and palettes; they let you do your own thing over the months of planning but takes charge of your hard work ‘on’ the wedding day ‘only.’ You meet your coordinator just a few weeks before the wedding and hand over the necessary details like the guest count, the venue location details, the wedding timeline and information of sorts. Eventually, on your wedding day, they make sure that the tables are in place, the flowers look bright, the food is served hot and that the speaker does not make weird deafening noises when the dances take place.

Now coming on to who should you choose?

First things off, it is not completely necessary to pick wither of them. If you have your mama or chahcha who can do the job, let them. However, id you believe in perfection and do not have 48hour sin a day to go to work as well as plan you wedding, you definitely need to choose one of the two.
Also, sometimes, high end wedding venues already have a wedding coordinator but you might not want to trust them as you don’t meet them before hand and hence might not be able to set up a rapport.

In such a case, their services might differ from that of a traditional wedding coordinator, so you’ll want to make sure what they offer and what you need before you decide whether or not to hire additional help
Before you decide whether to go with a wedding planner or wedding coordinator OR in order to decide your pick between the two, ask yourself these questions:
• What is your budget?
Are you willing to spend a chunk of that budget (15-20 percent) on a wedding planner? If not, a wedding coordinator should be your choice.
• How much time do you have on your disposal to plan you wedding?
If you are too tuck and do not have more than 3-5 hours a week, a wedding planner might should be the choice.
• Do your family members happen to have conflicting opinions/expectations about/from the wedding in general?
If so, a wedding planner can be the only person who would patiently communicate on all the sides and try to solve any possible conflicts/disagreements by offering alternatives to make everyone happy.
• Do you feel like you have the vision but cannot really put things in place?
You might know your choice of flowers and your perfect venue but you might not know how to have the flowers set up at the venue. In a case like that, a wedding coordinator could be of great help.

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