Very much in sync with the trends of the past, where couples would write each others’ names or initials on the palms with henna; the latest way of showing affection is the wedding tattoo. A trend that has entered lately, has also been flourishing like magic all over the world amongst the young couples in love – married or to be.

Getting inked has to be one of the most difficult and riskiest decisions ever. The fact that a tattoo is permanent requires a lot of trust, surety and courage to be etched in the first place – of course until you want to spend a lot of money to have it removed later. However, the emotion that love is, its known to overpower and have you take decisions you’d never have even imagined.

Following up with what’s hot, here are some of the cutest and unbelievably affectionate couple tattoos ever-

  • A very minimal, blunt and simple yet significant ink; ‘tying’ up the couple together.


  • The initials of each other inked on the ring finger – I can see wedding rings becoming a thing of the past here.

  • Non-minimalistic and pretty expressive – literally inking the vow – to infinity and beyond.

  • The symbolic way to express what is – anchoring each others’ ship through the storms.
  • The black portion, the yin, symbolizes the bad in the world while the white little dot symbolizes the

  • good in the bad. Likely, the white portion, the yang, on the other hand symbolizes the good in the world and the black little dot is the bad in the good. So, now you see? What could be better than a couple that vows to be the yin and the yang – balancing the positivity of the world together! J


  • Keeping it straight – the king and the queen of their own little bubble of blooming love, forever.
  • A very smart and innovative tattoo, to be honest – the compass that guides the ship through the sea. None’s any good without the other one.

  • The heart and the beat – what a couple in love really means to one another.

  • This one gives me some serious goals – the date of the bond etched on the ring finger. It could actually even be the date you first ever met, or first ever fell the spark, or the first kiss, the first hand holding – the date when you realized you’re just meant to be. *happytears*


  • Another smart minimal – the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle, that’s what the couple is when the either one is away – incomplete and lost.

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