Whatsapp Wedding Invitations – the Latest Trends

Marriages are made in heaven and weddings are created on the earth. Every couple wishes to make their wedding a memorable affair. And we at Wedding Sutra understand how important wedding invitations are to ring the gong of a wedding for the world to know that a beautiful relationship is about to begin. Wedding Invitation cards have always been a subject of immense interest to both the wedding parties as well as the wedding couple. A wedding invitation is a reflection of the wedding parties’ taste and makes for the very important first impression of what awaits them at the actual do.

For the longest time, paper card invitations have been in trend and have come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Designing and creation of these physical invitations has caused an entire industry to boom in the lap of small and big cities. But lately, as young people have become more and more aware about conserving our natural resources a new trend has mushroomed. This is the trend of e-invitations.

What caused the popularity of e-invitations

  • Willingness to reduce paper waste once the cards have been distributed and the wedding has commenced.
  • Lack of time to physically distribute the invitation cards has increased the popularity of e-invitation cards
  • Wide-spread access to internet and apps such as Whatsapp ensures that all relevant people will receive the e-invitation
  • Creative freedom that one has while designing e-invitations is limitless. Thus many couples today are willing to experiment with a wide range of options.

Popular E-Invitation Themes

As mentioned above, the creative possibilities that come with e-invitations are limitless. You could go the traditional way and use the graphic copy of the invitation design that might have otherwise been printed, or you could go quirky and choose one of the below themes to make your e-invitations popular.

Destination Wedding Theme Based

E-invitations can be a good launch pad to introduce the theme of your destination wedding to your guests. They will know what to expect at he carefully curated events that await them at the wedding destination. If your events are following a particular theme, bring your e-invitation in congruence with the same. Or the invitation may be designed around the destination (venue) of the wedding itself.

Floral Theme

The wide range of options that come when you decide to use floral patterns in your e-invitation makes these eye pleasing flowers as the most popular theme. You could use patterns with seasonal flowers or with something that’s popular locally. If designed right with right proportions of color e-invitations for your wedding will come in as extremely eye-soothing and will bring a smile to your guests

Culture Based Theme

Using cultural reference in the graphics of your e-invitation can help the guests immediately relate to how the wedding is expected to be. These e-invitations are most popular for homogenous wedding parties, as the guests will identify with the theme and is a good way to acknowledge ones origins and roots.

Caricature Theme

If you wish to go quirky and bring in humor and laughter then using caricatures in your e-invitation could be an excellent idea. Caricatures may be around several themes again. Using video games, cartoon characters and movie posters are some of the most popular backdrops for caricature themed e-invitations.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Theme

Given that pre-wedding shoots are immensely popular these days, one could get the photographs and video clips edited into a gif or a short video along with the wedding details.  It is a good way of sharing your pre-wedding shoot pictures with your near and dear ones. And also a good reason to put to good use the wonderful pictures that exhume your wedding glow and happiness.

We at Wedding Sutra understand how important a wedding invitation is for a wedding. We are committed to help you choose an e-invitation theme based on your taste and convert it into a reality.

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