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02 August 2022

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Well, starting a new life with your partner can be euphoric, all the plans, the dreams and finally being a family sounds very exciting.  So why not enjoy the euphoria instead of stressing about the wedding day? A marriage is always planned way before the wedding ceremony, the “getting to know each other” the “falling in love” and the “meeting parents” phase are all steps before the big day, if a marriage is so planned then why not plan the big day too? So here we are, the team of WEDDING SUTRA got you covered while making your dream wedding come true!

A wedding requires a lot of planning and organization. It is the event of a lifetime. Choosing the correct vendors, and maintaining the guest list, from arranging the flowers to making sure everyone reaches the airport safely, our excellent team here at WEDDING SUTRA, the best wedding planner Kolkata has to offer, provides you with satisfaction and a bunch of memories from your wedding day.

Here are six reasons you must hire a wedding planner for your best day.


As hectic as it may sound, planners are always ready with providing you with the best service, they are a professional team of management and organization, and well, organization earns them their daily bread so they are good at it. All their lives they have been arranging and bringing smiles on the faces of both happy couples and guests, they have learned from their experiences and made themselves better in every way, which is why you definitely need a wedding planner at hand to execute your dream wedding flawlessly.?.


A wedding can become costly if proper management of finances is not executed. Wedding planners can make your best day very enjoyable and affordable without you being worried at all. Their skills and sources always keep them one step ahead on the finance side of a wedding. They are up to date with the prices, they compare proficiently they will always provide you with the best vendors at your budget without a doubt and lastly, they can make your dream wedding come to life within your set budget without going overboard.


On your wedding day, all you need to think about is that you guys made it!! So enjoy your day with your partner and let all the managing be done by the planners. That is what you hired them for okay it is their job ?? Their excellent team won’t allow you one moment of stress about whether the food is okay or if your friends have been picked up from the airport. Professionals would be provided by the team of the wedding planners to look after all the arrangements and execute your day perfectly. WEDDING SUTRA provides you with all the frills you need in the best way without you having to worry about a pint.


10 years from now, when you look back at your wedding album, not only would you find memories from your wedding day but also if you had a wedding planner you would find memories from days before the wedding, all the pre-wedding photoshoots, the girls shopping day or the bachelor party of the men. Raj Jaiswal, the founder of WEDDING SUTRA made sure all your memories are safely captured for you to see them and feel nostalgic.


Well, one never knows what can go wrong. But with a wedding planner at hand, the answer is nothing!! Wedding planners always have a backup of a backup plan ready at hand.  If you have a wedding planner like WEDDING SUTRA you need to be assured that even if the food runs out or a storm breaks in, we have got you covered with our backups ?.


Keeping up with the trends? Well, marriage will never go out of trend, and wedding planners would never be left behind either. They are experts in gathering information about what is going on and can arrange the perfect theme-based dream wedding of your choice. You needn’t worry about lacking the entertainment, fun, and frolicking that is enjoyed by almost everyone these days.

Raj Jaiswal founded WEDDING SUTRA in 2010. Since then,our main goal has been to make the best day of your life, the most enjoyable, memorable, and nostalgic day. Our team specializes in destination weddings, theme-based weddings, and also affordable weddings. We are by far the best wedding planners in Kolkata with over 100 weddings, at 40+ locations all over India. We have experts in our team who will be taking care of the arrangements for your big day professionally while providing you with all the necessary frills starting from scratch.

We here at WEDDING SUTRA believe that a couple must be happy on their big day, you deserve happiness, you deserve the fun because guess what/ you guys made it through all the thick and thins in your relationship and it is always beautiful to see people in love being happy and being together, the planning can take a toll on you and your happiness so you must have a wedding planner to help to ease the burden. You need to show up looking happy, satisfied, and all ready to begin your new life with your other half and that won’t be possible to experience if you spent all your energy on the planning part while “let us just get this over with” runs at the back of your mind. C’mon, it is your wedding day, why get it over with when you can just lay back and create memories while all the frills are taken care of by us? You sit and look at each other, hold hands make feel happy that you made it till here, and us? We will take care of the rest? after all seeing smiles on your faces is what drives us to do better and keep working hard.

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