Tips to choose the right wedding theme

Picking a wedding theme/colour pallet, is not as easy as picking two colours for a prom night, it could et a little challenging and a little help right there doesn’t hurt anyone.

Here, tips to consider while choosing your wedding theme.

  1. The venue/setting
    Again, the venue or the setting is very important. If you find a venue that you love, but it doesn’t work with your colours and theme, you’ll want to switch the colours so to avoid the obvious that it doesn’t match. If you have already found the venue, it is easier because the place can help you come up with colours; this is, if, you are not too fixated on a choice already.
  2. Prioritize
    You might have forced to believe yourself that your venue primarily is what denotes your colours and theme; but sorry to prick your bubble, that is not the case. Leave the venue aside, a lot of other tiny yet important things have to be considered when choosing your theme. If you have always wanted your wedding to be of rich Indian colours like maroon and orange, it is necessary that you figure out your location before figuring out your colours because that is what you want in the first place. So, prioritize.
  3. Go with the season
    If your wedding is to take place in mid June, the sun is going to possibly be shinning in almost all the parts of the world quite bright. Likewise, if the wedding is going to take place towards the end of December, it going to be chilly/snowy and everything cold, everything around. So when hosting a peak season wedding, not just your arrangements or the venue, even the theme should gel with the season. Shades of pink, yellow and orange are good for a spring wedding while whites and pastel blues should be used for summer. Keep everything dark and dory for the winter.
  4. Research & research!
    You are not the first one and you are not going to be the last one to get married on the face of Earth. People have been there, done that; a lot of people, to that. Have your own views but do not be too strong to not look beyond. Look around for inspiration. Ask your friends, read magazines, Pinterest, visit blogs – the possibilities and opportunities are endless. Learn. You can always find a way around!
  5. Budget & Costs
    Options and choices are endless but eventually, you know, it all comes down to your budget and your spending capacities. Some themes and colors will always be more expensive than the rets like, for example, an exotic theme being costlier than a regular formal theme. So all that is in the end is upon you, really.
  6. Don’t overdo

Now this is a no brainer. A lot of times, in the lieu of excitement ad getting it all, couples tend to overdo the whole décor and theme. They will try to infuse themes, make the wedding multi color and even involve things or settings that belong more to an amusement park. Don’t be that couple. It is always better simple, happy and authentic.


  1. Take help of the colour wheel
    In order to understand colours, some times, you don’t really have to be a art school graduate. On a colour wheel, typically, colours that go well together are ones that are opposites because they pair a cool and warm (orange and sky blue). Other colour pairings that work is “neighbours;” they’re similar to each other and share a primary colour (yellow and orange). A classic way to build your colour palette is by pairing a bright colour with a neutral; like, lets say, gold and gray.



  1. Don’t overthink
    Honey, it is just your theme to speak of really. It does not matter more than the event of you and your husband becoming one. The world will always give you a lot of advices but you should really do just what you like in the end. Do not overthink if it is the perfect shade of orange or that if the rustic became too much or the chandeliers became too less. If you like it, it is just the perfect. Let the world fupp itself.


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